Which is the best buy?

Let's say I decide to buy a new car. And I'm only going to use it for city driving, around KL mostly. There are 3 models that I'm considering, and I need some advice on which one would be the best. So, between Savvy, Myvi & Kelisa which would you recommend?

How do you rate each car in terms of:
1. Performance
2. Looks
3. Price
4. Handling
5. Fuel Efficiency
6. Which one is the most fun to drive?

and anything else you can think of.
Any good/bad experience with any of the models?


It seemed like a good idea

The new reality TV series on Astro - Raja Lawak is a bad, bad idea. Horrendous.
I have a few issues with this show. As always.

Firstly, stand-up comedy in Malay is nearly impossible to pull off. I don't know why, but it just can't be done. I've seen enough of the show to know that the stand up that they (Raja Lawak hopefuls) do aren't funny at all, in fact it comes across as stupid and annoying. It's that bad. So there goes the hopes of unearthing the next Seinfeld Melayu.

Secondly, how exactly do you train a comedian? Do they coach them to make jokes? Or teach them how to be funny?

Thirdly, what the hell are the judges doing? Why even have judges in the first place? Dah la judge pun bukannye kelakar sangat.

To be a successful Malay comedian, you just need to know how to make funny sounds or voices (ala Lan Pet Pet or Jamali Shadat), be a spaz (like everyone else) or do slapstick shit. That's all.
Don't even bother writing a stand up monologue.


Buy a Vowel

I have a T-shirt. It says:

G_ F_ck Y_ _rself
Want to buy a vowel?

I rarely wear this shirt, as every time I contemplate doing so, my conscience kicks in and spoils all the fun.



And oh, I've just realised that my post "Lyrics" is a bit ironic.
10 bucks (or coffee) to the first person who can tell me why.
You need to be a bit clever to know this.


I don’t use a lot of big words because frankly, I don’t know many. I attribute this chagrin to my lack of enthusiasm to look up a dictionary whenever I encounter an “unknown” word. I mean, really, that’s not even practical sometimes, especially when you’re reading newspaper articles. Plus, dictionaries are big and bulky, and I don’t keep them it conveniently retrievable places. I’ve only just realised how wasteful that is.

So now, with renewed vigour to improve my vocabulary, I’ve installed an electronic dictionary software on my PC. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more inclined to use it.



I’m glad that I’ve never had to resort to the typical blog cliché of posting lyrics. No offense, but I find that rather useless, as if posting the words to some sappy song (and it’s ALWAYS a sappy, semi-pathetic tune) would somehow enable readers to empathise. I find that preposterous. Yet, about a gazillion blogs that I’ve read had at one point or another resorted to the “let’s put the words to this James Blunt song, so everyone will understand how wretched I am now” approach in expressing their misery. And I guess that’s typical of anyone in a “jiwang” mode. Every single bloody sad tune would somehow relate to you.



Do you know who Sam Micheal is?

He’s the Technical Director (or something equivalent) of the Williams F1 team. He’s probably around 30+. And more importantly, he’s a fellow UNSW graduate. A-ha!

While I’m not someone who usually harps about my alma mater (come to think of it, I usually AVOID talking about my schools), I still feel a bit proud that a fellow engineering graduate (albeit several years apart) managed to make it big in Formula One. This is an especially remarkable achievement considering that the F1 racing environment is so incredibly technical and exorbitantly demanding.

Well done, Sam. You’re my hero!

I guess it goes to show that we’re not THAT hopeless after all.

P/s: The new BMW F1.07 looks awesome, I'm sure there's heaps of subtle aero changes all over. Need a closer look to know for sure. The blue-white colour scheme is still the classiest in F1.


I've got news

Why, in a situation where both good and bad news need to be delivered at the same time, people would choose to break the good news first, followed by the bad?

Isn't that just making someone feel better for a short while only to destroy their hopes seconds later?

Why isn't it the other way around?



Getting stuffed by a bunch of French kids is beyond humiliating.
Sorry Benitez, your time's up.


A Football Post

I may have mentioned it somewhere in here that I rate 2 under-appreciated, non-Liverpool players playing in the Premiership - Tugay & Van Persie. And over the past few games, they've put impressive performances that I feel, have proven that they are genuinely class players. Van Persie, especially, has been absolutely amazing, scoring a hatful of goals, most of them being true gems. And he makes it look bloody easy.

Tugay is old, but he's cool with me though he's a bit unfortunate to have the name tu-GAY. Still, he bossed the midfield against the Reds, showing Gerrard & Alonso how it should be done. Damn you Tugay.

And speaking of the Reds, apart from the disastrous outing at Blackburn, we're doing alright, I guess. Crouch still needs to learn how to head properly, Gonzalez needs a huge kick in the arse for being such a complete waste of space, Alonso needs to be not so lembik, and Riise, as always, needs to realise he can use his right foot too.


Budak Zaman Sekarang

Apparently, there's an indie movie (well, as indie as you can get in Malaya) entitled "Budak-budak Zaman Sekarang". Or maybe its called "Haru Biru". I don't remember. But I recall reading the phrase "Budak-budak Zaman Sekarang" somewhere on a movie poster.

Anyways, talking about "zaman sekarang", isn't it absurd that children nowadays have a very poor standard of cartoon series to enjoy on a Saturday morning? Honestly, today's cartoons aren't the way they used to be. And these poor sods don't even know what they're missing. I pity them.

We used to have GREAT cartoons like Thundercats, Voltron, Macross, Transformers and bla bla bla. Now we have bullshit like Jackie Chan Kung Fu Dragon and Utaru Go Kindeki Asauro Japanese anime turd. And even though they still have Transformers, it's now a version thats so completely different from the original series its just embarrassing. The new version doesn't have Soundwave, who's got the best voice EVER!

I tried questioning my 10 year old cousin on his cartoon knowledge.

Me : Pernah tengok Thundercats tak?
Cousin : Hah? Tak tau.
Me : Voltron?
Cousin : Apa tu?
Me : Habis tu kau tengok cartoon ape?
Cousin : Mon-Colle Knights.
Me : What the fuck?