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My post about High Fidelity had actually inspired a great article about lad lit vs. chick lit by my knowledgable friend zaha.
Go read it!
I actually don't care much if its a chicky story or a bloke's tale or anything, as long as its good and funny. And anything that has the words "fucking" & "wanker" in the same sentence is hilarious by default.
And did you ever notice that all my headings don't actually relate to my posts? How retarded is that?


High Fidelity

The site's OK I guess. Except for the links. I should've put links to people I know. But I couldn't be bothered. Not now. Too much effort needed.
It's quite good to see comments from people. That's nice. I don't have a counter or anything to monitor how popular (or not) this site is with masses, but a few comments here and there is enough to show that there are people reading this.

I've been reading Nick Hornby's High Fidelity for a while now. Yeah, I know it's been around for what, 10 years(?) already but I just got the urge to actually read it last week. I've seen the movie a couple of times but.
It feels kinda weird reading a book after you've seen the movie. You just can't escape picturing the movie scenes throughout the whole read. I kept picturing the main character as John Cusack, and the annoying record shop assistant as Jack Black. I feel like I'm cheating somewhat, by not using my own imagination to picture or create images of these characters. I'm just using some other guy's interpretation of the story to help ME enjoy the story. For all I know, Hornby's character may not even look anything like Cusack or Black. And they'd speak with an English accent, unlike the movie characters. Rob's (main character) flat would probably look different, the record store would probably be different, they'd probably hang out at a pub rather than a bar, blah blah blah (you get the point).
I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy the book. I did. In fact, I thought it was brilliant. Great bloke literature (as opposed to chick-lit). It's just that it might've been better if I didn't try to link both the movie and book together. Maybe I'll do that the second time around.


Just to tell youse.

Did you know that HELL is a bad place to visit? I just wanted to remind you guys that.
So, whatever you do... just don't go to hell.


Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Congratulations to my ex-schoolmate and part time skate buddy, Raqib. Raqib is getting married this weekend but I can't make it to the ceremony. I have to work. I can't take any more days off since I've been out of the office for the whole week, and just can't afford to appear even more incompetent in front of my boss.

And to celebrate this wonderful occasion (for him), I'm dedicating this Toy Machine picture since Raqib used to aspire to be a famous and artsy skater-boy, just like Ed Templeton.

The KKK took my baby away

If there's one thing thats annoying me today its this: Malays speaking with an American accent. For some reason, I find this particular thing very annoying but I can't really pin point what exactly is annoying me, is it the Malay bit or the American accent bit.
I'm leaning towards the American part. Would it annoy me as much if some Malay dude spoke in an English accent, or Australian, French, African or Malay accent? I don't think so.
But it would annoy me if some Asian looking dude spoke with an American accent, for sure.



Finally, I got caught stealing the header/banner/whatever-its-called. Sorry, ayie. But the design fits perfectly with the whole theme I'm working on here. No, really.

I'm in Miri right now, for work. Or so that's what my boss/office colleagues think. Well, you could say it is work in a way except that it's more like a talk talk talk with no action type of thing. Which suits me well. Anyways I'm supposed to buy some ikan masin terubuk for my mum, and where the hell I'm going to find that? Ikan masin terubuk? Ape tu? And I have to carry the thing around in the airport nanti. That could potentially be a) embarassing and b) illegal. Worse if its both.

I spent the past 4 days prior to this trip listening to the Ramones - Anthology. And I think they fucking rule. In fact, they're the rulest band ever and can completely kick the whole ass out of anyone. Even those blood drinking goat fucking Norwegian black metal bands. And goats don't make a good shag. I think.


In the Semis

I'm stoked. Liverpool are in the Champions League semifinal, going through after drawing with Juve away. I was quite nervous throught the match though but thankfully a very limp performance by Juve helped the Reds through.


Picking Up 101

Based on an experience at a record store

Hot chick at a listening station. She's checking out Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds' B-Sides and Rarities (Trust me, it doesn't get any cooler than this, son). Now you know that she has excellent musical taste. You strategically stand at the CD rack opposite her. You then start prentending to browse the CDs. As she's about to take off the headphones, you somehow manage to make eye contact.

What's your line, brother