I hate people who use "revert" when they mean "reply". 

Bangla dudes walking at KLCC - holding hands! 
What the hell? My wife says that they're very affectionate towards each other. 
Gay immigrants.

Sifu dan Tongga.
Need I say more?

I hate people who post comments on blogs criticising people who boycott American/Israeli products and say boycotting is bad for the economy.
Suddenly they care about Coke factory workers? 
Idiots, pussies.

People whose Facebook status read:

7.30am - Wake Up
7.40 am - Breakfast
8.00 am - At Work
8.30 am - Busy at Work
9.00 am - Working hard
1.00 pm - Lunch
4.45 pm - Can't wait to go home
5.00 pm - Going home
7.00 pm - At home, having dinner
9.00 pm - Watching CSI

Get a life.

Dude, where's my plot?

Benitez has finally lost the plot.

Right from the moment he whinged about not being in total control of Liverpool FC, followed by an unneccesary rant claiming Fergie always gets away with harsh comments on referees and now, an utterly ridiculous complaint about how team set themselves to defend every time they face the Reds; I've always had this feeling that he'll lose it sooner or later.

This eerily reminds me of the last days of Houllier, a fairly successful manager who, in the season where high expectations were put on the team, inexplicably made "weird", illogical and at times, plain stupid decisions, strategies and substitutions which finally ended with him leaving the club.
And I fear that time is up for Senor Benitez as well.

Strangely, unlike most Liverpool fans, I don't hate him because of his nonsense team strategy (lone striker against Wigan?), stubbornness (not playing Keane, putting Lucas on the field) or his lack of motivational skills. I hate Rafa because he hyped up Mark "Speedy" Gonzalez so much, even willing to pay a lot for him but had to send him out on loan for a season in Spain because he didn't qualify for a work permit, then go through the hassle of multiple appeals to get him the permit...... only to reveal a "talent" that is no better than Jan Kromkamp (yeah, remember him?).

What the fuck?

On a different note, I'd like to recommend reading Russell Brand's article on the Guardian sportblog page. I have to admit that for someone who appears to be drunk all the time, Brand has an impressive command of English; so good that you won't notice the grammatical errors. And his articles are honest, personal opinions... unlike recycled facts peppered with Internet research like the ones in the Star's Friday Football pull-out (e.g. anything by Richard Lim).



The 80's was probably the best time to grow up for the sole reason that back then the cartoons were frickin' AWESOME! However, despite the awesome-ness of these animated adventures, no one seems to know how any of the them ended.

Some pressing questions requiring immediate answers....

What ever happened to Lion-O? Did he finally kill Mum-Ra? If I'm not mistaken there was a 2nd generation of Thundercats, how did that tie-in with the original team?

How did Sabre Rider & the Star Sheriffs end?

What happened in the Japanese version of Transformers i.e. Head Masters?

Did Teddy Ruxpin (the bear endlessly on an air balloon) get to wherever he was supposed to go?

Did Kakeru (of Kickers) win the World Cup?

How did Voltron end?

What happened to Jem?

Where the hell is Grandizer now?

Why were there different incarnations of Cobra Commander? And who led the GI Joes? Was Sargeant Slaughter character based on the WWF wrestler or vice versa?

M.A.S.K ended with...................?

Remember Visionaries?

How did the Smurfs end?

Answers please......