All in a Family

Mrs Todek was reading about sino-muslim families in the papers and fell in love with the idea of having a Chinese name. She said "Nanti kita letak nama Chinese kat anak kita boleh tak? Example Ilham Chee Wei Ming" (Yes, Mrs Todek's greatgrandfather was possibly Chinese but she is as remotely Chinese as Mr Todek).

Mr Todek said NO. Because it doesn't make sense. At all.

Mrs Todek is contemplating making a police report against Mr Todek for going against her wish; just like the Malaysians who make police reports every now and then about Anwar Ibrahim "buat kacau to our economy and politics" and Teresa Kok insulting the police and the poor over her "egg-dog food" remark (One wonders why the complainant never thought that if the police felt insulted, they could easily make a police report themselves but of course unlike these silly Malaysians, the police has better things to do, such as catch rapists and murderers, than make stupid and trivial police reports).


Seri Muka

The best seri muka is at Wangsa Maju pasar Ramadhan!


ramadan mubarak

Mr & Mrs Todek would like to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa & Beramal...

Eat more than half a waffle masa sahur, pls..