A Sports Update!

The Premiership starts this weekend! Nasib baik aku teringat.

The Reds have bought pretty boy Torres. And they've spent a cool 24 million pounds on him. That's a lot of money. And another bloke named Babel for another 10 million, or so. I hope Rafael knows what he's doing. I like the new look though, Rafael. Macam Ricky Gervais!
I'm not going to make any predictions this season, I just hope we'll tear every single team apart with our devastating, irresistible attacking play. But one thing is for sure, Gerrard will once again shine and save the day, especially during away games at the likes of Derby & Wigan.

Another interesting development is the rivalry between McLaren team mates, Hamilton & Alonso.While everyone expected Hamilton to come good, nobody expected him to be BLOODY good. Championship leader in his first season, a few wins here and there - he's already a legend. I hate him.
I pity Alonso but at the same time I think he should just shut up and get on with it. As a double world champion, being upstaged by your team mate is never a great feeling, and the fact that the team mate is only a rookie just adds salt to your wounds. Still, I expected Alonso to be much more of a gentleman and stop whining about Hamilton getting preferential treatment and shit.



People deal with disappointment in many different ways.
I'll start eating a lot and immediately go to sleep whenever I'm stressed.
But never before talking to the girlfriend first.


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