Not too sure

Once again, I'm too sure about Khairy, despite his very public appearance yesterday, rallying against Israel's attack on Lebanon. I am not in any way undermining the importance of his actions, in fact I do support the efforts to condemn Israel's brutal attacks, and good for him for highlighting this very serious matter, it's just that I have this sneaky feeling that there may be something else in it for Khairy. I just don't trust him.

Oh and by the way, interested in using chemicals?


Getting Linked?

I've just realised that I don't link much.
Just look at my links on the right. THREE links only. Pathetic. Those 3 links are pretty darn good, but still the amount is pathetic nonetheless. Haha.

So here's an offer I have. If you want me to put your site on my Links section, please feel free to drop a comment saying: Your site would be a million times better if you linked me.
Or something like that.
And I WILL link you. I promise.


Read Newspapers

Have you noticed how tacky and tabloid-y the Malay Mail has become recently? What happened there? While I was never a regular reader of the old Malay Mail, but through the few times that I did read the publication, it gave me the impression that it was a rather decent read. But yesterday I had the chance to read the "all new" Malay Mail and I thought that it was totally rubbish. 90% of the content is tabloid material, not to mention the numerous amount of useless gossip (local & international) and those sleazy dodgy photos. I know that sex sells, but hey, have a bit of class, will ya? Unfortunately, it has become the English version of Harian Metro. Yes, it's THAT bad.

In other news, I see that Astro will be showing the US version of the series The Office soon. Hmm, interesting. I'm very skeptical and doubt whether the American version of this totally hilarious show would be anywhere close to the original British version. American sense of humour is different from the British, and I'm not too sure whether the American version would have the same impact. Example: While there's been rave reviews about the series Arrested Development, personally I don't think its that funny or hilarious at all. Maybe I just don't get it. I think the Brits are better at these "mock-umentary" style of comedy than the Yanks.

So, if you haven't seen The Office (original version) yet, do yourself a favour and go to your favourite Torrent site and download the whole season. Then, watch it. If you've ever worked in an office, you'll quickly realise that this show is bloody funny.



Did I say I won't have an Internet connection? I did, didn't I? But I do have one now. All thanks to my desperation that drove me to be super-resourceful. I taught myself how to hack the office network and after all the hard work, I have gained access to the Inter-nerd. Credit also to my other "resourceful" colleagues that inspired me to find the back door to the outside world. Sure, technically; it's illegal but I need my dose of Internet everyday. Bloody hell.
I'm just super stoked on this I can't think straight. Yay.


Away for 2 weeks.

Have you ever tried Coke + Soya bean? This was the dumb bet that my friends and I had last night. Whoever loses in our Winning Eleven football matches will have to drink one whole glass of CokeSoyaBean cocktail, or as we prefer to call it: Cobean. And I can tell you this: It tastes kinda good initially but it's the after-taste that kills you. If you're interested, you might want to try this yourself. And yes, we're (slight) geeks cause we play video games AND bet on them too!

On other news, I'm sorry to inform the loyal readers and casual observers that I won't be able to post anything new to this blog for at least 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I have to go to work. You can still keep posting comments and I can definitely read them (I receive comment notification in my work email) but I don't think I would be able to reply.
Hopefully I'll be back by end of the month.
But rest assured, I'll be thinking of ideas for future posts during these 2 weeks.


Ohh I'm smiling!

AHH... Datuk K just can't wipe that HUGE grin off his face, can he? I would have difficulties too, if I were a 40+ year old duda who's marrying someone 20 years old younger, not to mention she's probably THE most wanted girl in Malaysia. Some people are just lucky bastards.

Anyways, have you been to the movies lately? If you have, you've probably seen the Tiger beer ad. The one that has Jessica Alba in it. I've seen the ad a few times and I think its funny, but in a completely different way than what Tiger intended. It's so bloody cheesy and lame that it's actually hilarious, if you know what I mean.
I particularly like the wooden acting, with no emotion whatsoever delivery of this line: Isn't she your favourite star? by a semi Asian looking dude in an unmistakably Aussie accent. I always crack up everytime I see that part. It's so bad that it's good.

Does this work?

Let's try this.
I've discovered that I can actually post to me blog via email.
Hmm.. sounds interesting.


I have photos

Just a couple of photos (taken using my handphone) of yesterday night's show.
Stringfellow - playing the "keyboard" version of his songs; rather than the usual guitar one.

Mr. Stringfellow on the keyboard, ladies & gentlemen

A closer look at Stringfellow


World Cup, Stringfellow, bla bla

The World Cup is over, and almost all of my regular blog stops have dedicated at least one whole post to cerita about the World Cup final. I'll probably just make it a half post, firstly, since its been nearly a week since the game and secondly, you probably have read this on every damn blog too.
I just wanted to say how sad it is to see Zidane bow out of the game in such a disgraceful manner. Regardless of what Materazzi - the former Evertonian said, Zizou should've kept his cool. But having said that, in a weird way I understand and even admire what he did. If anything, it shows that everyone is a little messed up somewhere in the head. Everyone, even the football wizard Zidane himself, is human after all. And that comforts me. Zidane is definitely someone I look up to, and I need my heroes to show that while they're brilliant at what they do, they'll do something crazy once in a while. They're fucked up a little. I prefer to call it "character". Character adds to the charisma of a person. Plus, "perfect" blokes are boring and dull. Just like Lampard.
Anyways, congratulations to Italy. Well deserved. I was a temporary Italy supporter that night, by the way, so I tumpang enjoy sekali la.

Alright, thats the World Cup.

Here's another story:

I just went to this "rock/indie/whatever" show last night. It was a relatively low key affair, the crowd was a mix of young & old, the place was small but cosy, the bands were friendly and close.
There's this local band named Couple. I've heard of them before but never really listened to any of their songs. But their performance last night truly impressed me. They play a bunch of happy sing-y song-y, Weezer-ish kind of music with a healthy dose of "aha ahaha"s in the choruses. Kids nowadays call it power pop or something. I liked the band and I liked their performance, that's all that matters, not power pop or soda pop or whatnot. You should check them out. They're good. Trust me. Go buy the CD. Oh, they also have a chick playing the guitar. Just thought that'll get your attention. Plus, I'm a sucker for girls who play guitars.

The main act was this American dude named Ken Stringfellow. I must admit, going to the show I had absolutely no idea who this bloke is. Honestly, I just went there cause I didn't have anything else to do, and I'd been wanting to listen to a real live band for ages now. Anyways, up comes this lanky American and straight away he cheekily says "You got good hospitals here" while pointing to his heavily bandaged elbow. Apparently dude cut his elbow a few days back but didn't bother to properly clean the wound and eventually the wound got badly infected until he had to go to the hospital to get it sorted.
"Sorry, but really I've only got one arm tonight. Hopefully everything goes well. I'm Ken Stringfellow. I'm up here to play some songs for you. Hope that's alright."
Straight away I can sense that this dude is a bit goofy. And funny. Oh, it's gonna be fun.
And fun it was.
Stringfellow is a singer songwriter dude who is also in a band called the Posies. I didn't have a clue who the Posies are, so right now I'm reading all about them on the Internet. You know, doing some homework.
Stringfellow's awesome vocals, coupled with the
sparse guitar arrangement managed to captivate the audience, who were evidently savouring the mellow and melancholic mood Stringfellow had set. Literally everyone was like "terpaku", clearly impressed and enjoying Stringfellow's superb and passionate show. It almost brought a tear to my eye.
I can safely say that 90% of the crowd did not have any clue whatsoever about Stringfellow prior to the show, but I can guarantee every single one of them will start knowing him more as soon as the show's finished.
All in all, it was a great way to spend the evening. Hope to do this again sometime soon.
Nothing beats good music.
Hmm, except a Liverpool game, definitely.


Local Papers

I don't usually read newspapers. I don't watch the news either. Therefore, most of the time I wouldn't have a clue as to what's happening in the world. You can say that I am an ignorant bastard, more or less.
But recently, I had the sudden enthusiasm to read newspapers. Maybe it's out of boredom due to my ever depleting interest in work, or maybe its just a miracle, that's causing this "out of the blue" interest in local news. Yes, apparently there's so much to love about our local news, and it gets more exciting with each passing day. So, to prove that I actually know a bit of what's happening in good 'ol Malaya, here's a few of my top news picks for the past month:

Dr M v Pak Lah
This has been going on for a while now. Quite honestly, Dr M raised some interesting to say the least questions which until now have not been properly answered (or in Pak Lah's case not answered at all). I don't really know where I stand on this one as new things keep popping up everyday, adding more ??? to the already not-so-straightforward issue. And on the other side you have all these ministers declaring "support" and vowing to "explain" those queries. I need not say more, it's all over the blog scene - Screenshot, Rocky's Bru, Malaysiakini, etc. Go and spend hours reading those site. Go now. Shoosh.

I wanted a Merc MP
This dude is a complete douche bag. First it was the "balak" case, now he's going all over the place accusing the Customs of some rather "dodgy practices". And more recently, the crybaby like bullshit of "I didn't get a cheap Merc, instead I got some useless crap". Dude's a tosser. I'm not convinced that the Customs is clean either, but a different, non-self embarassing approach would be much much better for Jasin (bukan nama sebenar). Am I getting sued for this? I'm too insignificant for all that.

Mawi putus tunang / Siti kawin Datuk K
Not "real" news, more suited to URTV or Utusan Malaysia yet it still made the (relatively) front pages of all major newpapers (English & Malay, perhaps Chinese & Tamil too). My mum loves this stuff. And probably, so does your mum. Mawi apparently has turned into this "lupa daratan, lupa asal usul, kisah si Tanggang" character just because he putus tunang. To be frank, I've expected the "putus tunang" to happen earlier. But that's probably because I'm just being cynical.
The "is she or isn't she" story of Siti kawin Datuk K seems to have cooled down since the putus tunang news broke. It still deserves a mention though. I guess old blokes with thick moustaches are HOT STUFF!! And oh, being rich also helps.

Lina Joy Murtad
This is another relatively low profile story but you can read the day by day trial updates in the papers. Quite interesting stuff here.

And if you've been surfing the blogs I mentioned above, you could probably guess there's a bit of tension between certain people and a certain news daily. I don't quite understand the whole issue but you can feel the tense vibe reading those blogs. Anyone care to summarise & explain?

So in conclusion, read the papers. And then read the blogs. Apparently papers tell lies. Its true. I read it in the blogs. But the blogs are also lies. So how ah?


Oil Rig Worker

It looks like I'm going to be an oil rig worker pretty soon. If that really happens, then I'll be offshore for 2 weeks each month. But on the plus side, I get the other 2 weeks off. 2 bloody weeks off. Thats too much idling time, though I'm not in any way complaining at all.
So what's it like, you know, working in an oil rig? you may ask.

It's roughly like this:
You get covered with dirty mud, oil, grease, water, diesel and a whole lot of other nasty things everyday, for the whole 2 weeks. You work from 6 am to 6 pm, and occasionally even until midnight. You smell like oil after work everyday.You work in a hazardous environment where everything around you can blow up in an instant. It's offshore, so it's not like you can go anywhere after work, you're stuck there.
It's rough and dirty. Definitely no metrosexual bullshit here.