Things to do in 2007

As close as I'll get to a New Year's Resolution. Not quite a resolution, merely things that I have/like to do throughout the new year.

And this is in no particular order, random list of whatever comes to mind.

1. Watch the Malaysian F1 GP live in Sepang
2. Watch a live music show/concert
3. Drink more coffee
4. Lift weights
5. Keep the blog alive
6. Learn to play barre chords well
7. And then, be able to strum & sing at the same time without fucking up terribly
8. Go to Singapore - my annual trip
9. Holiday and laze around on a beach in an island
10. Develop an accent (ok, this is starting to sound ridiculous)
11. Read more books - fiction & non-fiction
12. Work hard - no meng-ular
13. Run everyday
14. Buy a house/apartment/condo - a property
15. Keep my car running - no breakdowns, I hope
16. Get a girlfriend (for real, this time)
17. Burn ALL my mp3s on CDs
18. Listen to all of the CDs in (17)
19. Play more football
20. Buy a new camera
21. Be a good boy - really

That's enough kot.
I'll add more when I can think of them.


Now reading

To those who care; I'm now reading 2 books & 3 magazines simultaneously, and you know what, it's damn hard to this.

I've just finished reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It's a really good book. And apparently, if you go to MPH, you'll find that this book is marked as "Essential Reading" by the lovely folks there. While I wouldn't exactly class it as an absolute must read book, I'd still recommend it to anyone who wants a good, sad read. Yes, its sad. It has an amazingly disturbing first chapter that I initially thought might just get even worse. But fortunately it didn't get any more psycho than that, and the story moved along nicely. It's about how the dead never really let go of their previous lives on Earth and about the suffering of a family who's lost a member. Again, it's sad. But not depressing. Which is good.

Now that I'm done with that, I'll try to juggle my time to read the following - Monster by Jonathan Kellerman, Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, Nov & Dec issues of F1 Racing magazines and the December issue of PC Authority. I'm more inclined to read the mags, to be honest.

I'm nearly giving up hope on Safran Foer because the book is almost impossible to understand without repeat readings of each chapter. It's confusing but I think I'll soldier on. I spent 50 bloody ringgit on it. I better soldier on, dammit.


Between MySpace Bands & Housekeeping

Let's say you have a band. And your band has a MySpace page. And on your MySpace page you put up a few of your songs. And after more than a year you hear from Rolling Stone that they've picked your band as one of their top 25 MySpace bands for 2006. How'd you feel? Fucking awesome, I'd think. This is exactly what happened to the band Couple. Click here. Their music is happy, nice, honest. And they're way better than those pretentious wankers Pop Shuvit. And the guitarist is way cuter too (it's a she by the way, before you get any ideas..)

So today I ended up doing a lot of housekeeping work. It all started off with me reminiscing about the good old days, more specifically, the time when I, for a short period of time, had golden blond hair. As soon as I thought about that, I wanted desperately to find some photos to remind me how ridiculously stupid I looked. But, unfortunately, seeking photos from the past, is a tiring task, at least at my house, since I have no idea where I've stashed all of my "student days" belongings. I had to go through every single box, container, cupboard, shelf in my house to find this precious piece of memorabilia.

And I'm glad to say that finally I did manage to find some photos during my "blond era". Gosh, I do look bloody dumb. Haha. I hope you got that.

Anyways, while I was busy punggah punggah all the stuff from all over the place, I found some other items that I've nearly forgotten existed. Or items that I thought were gone. And that made me feel happy. It's like discovering a long lost treasure, only that no one appreciates the value except for yourself. I was so engrossed in punggah memunggah barang barang, that I didn't realise I've spent close to 2 hours doing it.

But it's time well spent. I found my Form 1 Salasilah Keluarga project, my Form 3 (is it?) Geografi project, 1998 koleq mag, photos of exes (though I couldn't look at them for too long, feels weird as hell), a photo of Geoff Rowley that I took during a Volcom skate demo, my old video cam mini DV tapes, an old CD that I burned that had many many video clips, my MAS deck of cards, my thesis CD, my "missing CDs", photos of my KDU days, my old encyclopedia that I used to read everyday when I was a child, my old baju bundle. And the list goes on.

I'm so excited that I've found all these items. Glad I did my housekeeping...


Self Preservation

What does it mean?



Some things are not meant to be.
You take a risk on something, but don't regret if it backfires.

And don't be a prick, 'cause you'll pay the price eventually.

*Not a good day is today*


Rika. Siska. Alya. Bertha. Ferdi. Andre.

Does (do?) any of these sound familiar to you?

If you answered yes, then you're most probably an Indonesian soap drama fan, just like me.
Mind you, me being a fan was not by choice. Really.
Every afternoon during tea break the lads would switch the channel to Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, and I can't help but watch it. Honest. I was practically being forced to watch this show. Haha.

Anyone who's ever watched the series would no doubt agree that this Indonesian production is totally ridiculous, silly, memesongkan akidah, non-sensical, stupid, cheesy, over the top acting, un-intentionally funny, dumb and everything else you'd say to describe anything that can create the reaction of "What the fuck?". But amazingly, despite the very huge shortcomings, people get addicted to the show, though they won't readily admit that, and they try to "cover" their addiction by the occassional half hearted "kutuk-kutuk" session. Well, that's understandable, since it's not really something that you'd be proud of or brag about.

But to tell you the truth, the only reason I tolerate all this nonsense is because the series has unbelievably hot chicks in it!


Sunday is for CBT

It's Sunday, and its the only day of the week that I buy NST. Because it has a great pull-out section that is Cars, Bikes, Trucks (CBT). I love it.

Today's edition is a bit bizzare though. Bizzarely funny.

In the Q&A section with Paul David, there's this bloke (I presume), who wrote in asking the most ridiculuosly illogical, what-the-fuck, highly unlikely scenario I've ever read. And I'm sure this guy is taking the piss out of Mr. david because no one, and I mean no one, would EVER be in a situation that this bloke apparently was in.

In summary, this is what the bloke experienced:

1. Install a tachometer and solve transmission problems.
2. Wira revving up to 10,000 rpm. Followed by the straight faced question of "Is there anything I should be worried about when revving up so high?"
3. Is it illegal to remove the front number plate?

I liked what Mr. David wrote in reply. I'm sure he was dead serious, but it came off as funny to me. I like things that are un-intentionally funny.
And David's first sentence in reply to the bloke's problems was this:

Firstly, how do you get 10,000 rpm from a Wira?

I can just imagine the confused face of the poor old man, struggling to comprehend how a Proton Wira can rev up to 10,000 rpm. Hilarious!

On another note, I hate some of these NST reporters who write their car reviews in EXACTLY the same manner, tone, and use the same words as Clarkson does. I mean, it's funny, sarcastic, entertaining and all, but I just can't help feeling that I've read this before. Come on dude, have your own style.


Kunci Khazanah

Have you ever watched the TV show Kunci Khazanah? Surely you must have. It's the best damn TV show on Earth.

Its a weekly general knowledge game show where each of the three contestants is required to answer all 10 questions given to them within 2 minutes, while at the same time raking up cash with each correct answer. The loser with the least amount of money gets kicked out. Simple. And these three contestants can "buy" answers from a choice of three "agents" by offering them some money. These "agents" seem to be arbitrarily chosen, so you wouldn't really know if they're really smart or stupid at all.
Hmm.. why am I explaining all this? I'm sure you've seen the show and you know this already.

Anyways, I like the show because its un-intentionally funny.


Host : Baiklah, kita mulakan pusingan kedua sekarang. Mat, sila jawab semua soalan dalam masa 2 minit.

Mat : (Blank)

Host : Siapakah pemenang Miss World 2005?

Mat : (Without hesitation) Aishwarya Rai

Host : Betul! Soalan seterusnya, siapakah manusia pertama mendarat di bulan?

Mat : (Blank)

Now, this is funny because the bloke knew who won Miss bloody World but not the first man on the moon. This is as mystifying as it is disturbing to me. I would think the first man on the moon would probably be a bit more important than any beauty queen winner, any time.

But it doesn't stop there, my friends.

Host : Boleh minta bantuan agent jika perlu.

Mat : (Blank)

Host : Agent?

Mat : (Blank)

Agent 1 : Mat, 20 Mat. Confirm betul.

Agent 2 : Mat, 10 Mat. Confirm betul.

Agent 3 : Mat, 10 Mat. Confirm betul.

Host : Siapakah manusia pertama mendarat di bulan?

Mat : (Blank) Hmm... Ok Agent no 3.

Agent 3 : (Confidently) LANCE ARMSTRONG!!


When I was Young-er

Sometimes I think reflect on the things I did when I was younger. And most of the stuff I did back then were quite silly and stupid, even. Thinking about this brings up a smile to my face, every time.

I used to follow wrestling fanatically. I can name you every single wrestler on the WWF roster, and that's probably more than 50 names. Pretty impressive I must say, albeit in a pathetic loser kind of way.
I was so obsessed that I even surfed wrestling websites, reading upcoming storylines, "results" and most excitingly, heel & face turns.
Of course, if you're not familiar with wrestling at all, you wouldn't have a clue what a heel or face turn is. Google or Wiki it up. It's for your own knowledge.
I don't enjoy wrestling as much today. Maybe I've grown out of it, or maybe it became too bloody stupid, I don't know. But once in a while, my brother would switch the channel to Monday Night Raw, and I'll start watching too and this brings back all the fond memories of my wrestling fanatic days. It's good to reflect on old times, don't you think?

And on another note, I'm completely (and ridiculously) smitten over a girl, it's stupid. You know, the kind where you just can't wipe the huge fucking grin off your face. Sure, it's cute when you're twelve, but at 25, it's a bit pathetic, isn't it?


Random Questions

Hey, anyone know what's the name of the robot-voice song in the Nokia ad? You know, the one with people listening music through their phones? It's pretty catchy.

I think John Mayer's Continuum is an under rated album. It's good.

Why do guys do stupid pathetic things for girls? Like driving up 100 miles to meet up with a girl, and having a (seemingly) romantic conversation by the beach, only to find out a week later that the chick is getting engaged to another bloke. Sound familiar? *wink*



Well, you might as well call me Lemony fucking Snicket already 'cause I've been in so many bullshit "unfortunate events" for the past week. All in the beautiful city of Perth, mind you. To describe the trip as "disappointing" would be an understatement. Yes, it was THAT tragic.

The trip started off well enough though. The 5 hour flight was a breeze, the movies & food on the plane were decent, and the plane wasn't anywhere near full, so I had a whole row to myself. But upon arriving at the airport, we (my colleague & I) had to stand in a horribly long line to get past immigration. This whole bullshit queue wasted a good hour of our lives. We then checked into the hotel and soon decided to tour Perth city. It was already 6 pm. Everything closes at 5.30. But what the heck, we still went out.

We were hungry but nothing much was open. We finally settled at a kebab stall where I ordered a doner kebab. I used to like this stuff a long time ago so I felt that it was the perfect time for doner kebabs and I get re-acquainted. And this, apparently, was where all the trouble started.

Later that night, I felt uncomfortable as fuck and had a massive, throbbing headache. I threw up twice that night and spewed out all of my kebab meat. It was a disgusting sight to behold. I felt sick looking at my sick that I felt like throwing up again. It was ugly.

I thought after the whole throwing up stuff, it was all over. And honestly, I did feel a bit better straight after. But waking up the next morning, I felt that my head still hurts, though not as much as the night before. So I thought, maybe I'll run this headache off by stuffing a lot of vitamins. Hence, I drank plenty of orange, pineapple & apple juice for breakfast. And ate a lot of toast too.

We were due to go to our "workplace" after lunch, so we decided to tour the city again. And as soon as we reached the city, my head starts to hurt badly, pening kepala like hell, and I felt like throwing up. I was sick, yet again. I immediately went back to the hotel, straight to bed. Took a couple of pills and tried to sleep it off. Didn't really work. But at least, no throwing up. I forced myself to sleep.

The colleague came by around lunch time. It was time to go. I had to decline. I was too fucking sick to do anything. Then I went back to sleep again. The colleague then came by, now its dinner time. I felt too weak to do anything so I still had to stay in bed. Reluctantly declined the dinner invitation.

And then, soon after, I started throwing up again. 3 times. It was just as bad as the previous day.
I finally felt that I've actually vomited everything in my belly as I just couldn't force anything out anymore.

Woke up the next morning, feeling genuinely a bit better. Managed to go out to work that day. I felt it was a rather productive and successful day, which ended up with a "celebration" of sorts by having a nice seafood dinner by the river. Today no throwing up. Good.

The following day was the last day of our trip so we decided to go shopping for souvenirs, since all the work part of the trip was done. My colleague was a bit of a "tourist" who likes to get photos taken everywhere. I have no such interest in these things, but had to tag along nonetheless, since the dude had to put up with my constant sick bullshit for the past three days. So I took out my camera and began snapping away, lots and lots of photos were taken, and Perth is such a beautiful city. By mid day, I reckon we had close to 100 photos already.

But then I lost the bloody camera!

I was stupid enough to leave it at a souvenir shop and only realised that it was gone about half an hour later. Itu pun sebab my colleague asked where my camera was. Upon realising that we left the thing at the souvenir shop, we rushed back immediately to try and look for it. I found the leather casing holder thingy of my camera there, but the bloody camera was GONE.

I was so fucking frustrated and disappointed. And angry at myself for being so stupid to leave it there. It's just my bad luck.

To make things worse, that night I started to feel sakit perut. I went to the toilet no less than 8 times that night.

We had to catch our flight at 1 am but we still had enough time for a movie at 8.15 pm. So we went and watched "The Wrong Man" which is actually the movie "Lucky Number Slevin" which is a movie that I've watched previously. But since that was the only movie that suited our tight schedule, we watched it anyways. Cost us 10 dollars. By the time the movie ended, it was 10.10 pm. We had to rush to the airport by 11 to check in. And since the Aussie airports are quite strict in terms of check in time, we did not want to be late.

But we had to return the rental car first. Which we did. We managed to get ourselves slightly lost on the way returning the car. Fortunately it wasn't too bad and we got to the car rental drop off place by 10.30. Strangely enough, the area was unbelievably crowded for that time of the day. We then found out that there were so many people there because they were just coming out from a Robbie Williams concert held in the stadium nearby. Fucking hell. Now we're in trouble since a) we have to compete with a million other people for a cab b) there's a bloody massive jam in that area c) we won't make it to the airport before 11.

We did eventually get a cab and literally had to ask the driver to speed and drive macam syaitan in order for us to get to the airport as quick as possible. But there was no way that we'd reach there by 11 since it was already quarter to when we got on the cab. The cab driver was good though, he did drive macam syaitan, and drove fast. When we finally got to the airport it was 11.40. I thought that it wasn't that bad and reckoned that we could smooth talk our ways into checking in.

And as soon as we got into the check in place, we saw a long line. That was the queue for our flight. Which I thought was weird considering the counter was open more than an hour ago. I looked around to see what's happening and finally found out that our flight has been delayed to 3.30 am. What the fuck. All that stress and syaitan driving only to find out it's not even check in time yet? Shit. Definitely not my day.

Thankfully, that was the last "unfortunate event" that I experienced for the trip. Certainly was something that was both interesting and sad at the same time. I think it's more sad than interesting. Sad sad sad.

I lost my camera.

That is sad.



After nearly 6 hours playing around with the new wireless router, I finally have some free time. It felt very satisfying, finishing the job but it also made me super sleepy.
I'd like to go to bed now, Zzzz.



I’m not a tourist. I don’t find taking photos in front of historical buildings and/or nice looking, fancily designed architecture exciting at all. And, I’m not keen on “nature” stuff either, you know the gorgeous waterfalls, trees, parks, whatever. I reckon standing in front of a museum or by the beach while someone else takes their sweet time to set the camera up, followed by making cheesy poses is a bit dumb. Embarrassing even.

I prefer experiencing things. Like being at a football match, attending a concert, having a picnic at the park or going downhill on a snowboard. Experience has more meaning.

That’s why I don’t have many photos. I don’t want to take photos just for the sake of it. It feels empty.

And hey, this is what I saw on the back of a beat up ’92 Hyundai Accent the other day:
Zero to Bitch in 1.5 Seconds!

It seemed funny to me.



Sometimes I feel obliged to post something on this blog even though I don’t really have anything to write about. I guess that’s what they call “commitment”. Gosh, I hate “commitment”. In every sense of the word. Yet, I put up with it. What can I do? I’m forced to.

Anyways, approximately two weeks ago, I bought three books.

They were Brand New Friend – Mike Gayle, Everything is Illuminated – Jonathan Safran Foer & Monster – Jonathan Kellerman.

Gayle & Kellerman were recommended by friends and I did some research over the Internet and finally decided on the two titles. And I bought Everything is Illuminated because it had a dog named Sammy Davis Junior, Junior. Yes, really. That was the reason.

I finished Brand New Friend within a week. It’s a lad lit, so it wasn’t heavy reading at all. It revolves around the strangely familiar and often done theme of platonic relationship between guys and girls. Or more precisely, the struggle to maintain a platonic relationship between guys & girls. It tells the story of how Rob struggles to just be “friends” with Jo, and at the same time convince his girlfriend the same thing.

Sound familiar? Well, I’ll admit; it’s not really ground breaking stuff, and it’s a subject that has been more or less covered in at least 2 Meg Ryan movies. In fact, reading this book, I just can’t help imagining that if this were a movie it would most definitely star John Cusack & Meg Ryan. Yeah, its THAT kind of story.

But I’m not saying that the book is bad. Not at all. This book is absolutely hilarious. It made me laugh out loud. And that’s quite an achievement. I don’t remember reading anything that made me laugh out loud before. This book must be pretty good.

I like the writing. It flows effortlessly. It’s very conversational (if that’s even a word).

And being a lad lit, it covers a lot of stuff that I can relate to. One thing that Gayle does well is his observation of the male behaviour, as more often than not I end up nodding in agreement to Gayle’s description of typical male actions.

I’m fully aware that reading lad lit is totally uncool but hey, I enjoyed it. It was an easy and pleasant read, I laughed out loud, it was profound in some places, it was decent. Tak pening kepala langsung. The 5 stars given by Amazon.com readers I feel was a tad too generous but if I were to rate this I’d give it a high 4.

I’m now in the middle of Everything Is Illuminated. This is a completely different book to Brand New Friend. Its so chaotic, everything is everywhere, the dialogs are crazy nonsense, it’s kinda like the Malay Male blog. I like this. Though the only complaint I have so far is it has far too many difficult words, and I have to refer to the dictionary every 2 minutes its annoying.

Oh, in between Brand New Friend & Everything is Illuminated, I’ve also began reading (for the 2nd time) The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. I loved it the first time but I’m enjoying it even more the second time around. Please read it. It’s very very witty. And charming.

And lastly, I just want to say I hate Nescafe. It’s not coffee. I’d rather have Kopi Kapal Api.



I've just realised that this site is actually more popular than it seems. And I've got secret admirers! I guess that's very flattering.
Thanks anyways for visiting. Come by often. Drop a comment or two.
But make sure its signed off as anonymous. If not, it's no fun for me. I like to guess.

P/s: This is in no way a sarcastic post. I'm honestly thanking people here. I just can't help it if it comes off as slightly cynical. Its just the way I write.


I'm back

Hey people. I am back. Been missing for a couple of weeks, I know. But work is really hectic the past 14 days, and only on my last day at work, I've had the chance to relax a little.

I finally bought a book. Well, actually I bought three. And I've managed to finish reading one. I'll write about that in another post.

Liverpool are getting crappier each week. Benitez is a decent man and all, but dude, your bullshit excuses has to stop!
And you know what else is bullshit? Persidangan Umno.

Anyways I'm off to Perth, Australia next week! Getting myself some summer sun.

Have a nice week ahead, and I'll update this site soon.


Season Review

First off, I'm praying that they find the missing pilot off the shore of Kerteh. This is really scary.

Secondly, I think it's not too late for my own personal review of the 2006 F1 Season, which I thought provided so much entertainment and thrills throughout the year.
It's all off the top of my head, so if I screw up the details, please correct me.

Best Driver - M Schumacher. Excellent in the 2nd half of the season, in races where lesser mortals would have no chance of even competing, Micheal repeatedly proved his masterclass by coming back from the dead to score valuable points. And often the comebacks are from way back on the grid. He may be unlikeable, but in terms of pure driving, he's genius.

Best Team - Renault (maybe). Had a great car early on, that was until the mass damper thing was removed. Only screw up when Alonso had a wheel nut/suspension (?) failure in ????. That's as far as I can remember. Apart from that, they had a competitive and more importantly, reliable car, though towards the end of the season, Ferrari stepped up a gear and gave them a run for their money.

Most Disappointing - Kimi & McLaren. How many finishes did Kimi/McLaren have? No wins, as I recall. A few podiums kot. Good luck with Ferrari next year Kimi. And hope Alonso would give something extra to McLaren.

Most Promising - Without a doubt, Robert Kubica. Awesomely quick in his debut, under difficult conditions (Hungary in the rain). Improved rapidly with each race, and towards the end of the season came really really close to beating team mate Heidfeld. This lad is a star. I'd be worried if I were Heidfeld.

Best Race - There's a few to choose from, but the one that really sticks in my head is once again, Hungary. Normally a boring race, this year it was full of drama and events, none bigger than Jenson Button winning his first ever race. It rained heavily, visibility was poor, a lot of crashes, unlucky Kubica disqualified after finishing 7th (?), it had everything.

Moment of the Season - Micheal's Ferrari breaking down at Suzuka. Schumacher who was leading the race, suffered a major letdown when his Ferrari had a failure (engine ?) soon after his pit stop, leaving Alonso to take over the lead, and eventually win the race. This ended any realistic hope of Micheal winning the World Championship, thus ending the dream of a potentially fantastic, magical comeback.

That's all I can think of. Anything to suggest/add? Please put it under comments. Thank you.
And please pray for the pilot.


I Swear!

I have a tendency to swear a lot. I do my swearing usually within the presence of my buddies, very rarely towards strangers (unless I'm cursing at them) and as far as I can remember, never with my parents or elderly relatives.
With my friends, the favourite swear words are the usual -
fuck, shit & asshole. That's in English. Malay - pukimak, cibai, babi etc. You get the point. Occasionally, I'd vary the swearing by adding wanker somewhere in between our friendly banter. Example: KJ is a fucking wanker, yeah? And slowly, but surely, wanker has become an accepted and well used swear within our group. But of course cursing a Mat Rempit using wanker serves no purpose, as I am absolutely sure they don't know the meaning of the word. And it's not like they'll go home and look it up in a dictionary.

But swear words are only good if people accept & use them.
I've been trying to introduce and encourage even the use of cunt in our swearing. I'd slide in cunt in everything I say during our usual borak borak sessions, in the hope that my mates would catch on. But unfortunately, they just stared at me with blank faces, and then, with an expression of total annoyance, said "What's up with all the cunts?"
I took that as a sign of disapproval of the use of the word, maybe it's too harsh or too I dunno, vulgar (?). And after that, I reduced my usage of cunt. It goes to prove that, without peer endorsement, a swear word is useless.

I still harbour the hope that someday the word would gain a more widespread use in our society. However ridiculous that sounds.

Anyways, the thing that annoys me is that in the new Martin Scorsese movie - The Departed, as shown in our cinemas, they censor all fucks but not cunt. Is it because the censors think cunt is a lesser swear word than fuck OR more more worryingly, they don't know what it means?

OK. Have a nice weekend. Don't swear too much. It's bad.


Judge by Cover

They say - Don't judge a book by its cover. But doing this - literally, is difficult, isn't it? I mean, I have a difficult time in choosing what book to buy, and it's a million times harder if you can't even browse through the book because it's been nicely plastic shrink wrapped.
And the only thing you can see is the front & back cover, plus the spine.
So, if you have nothing specific to look for in a bookstore, and you just want to "look around & get yourself a decent book", it WILL be hard not to choose based on what's printed on the front & back.
Therefore, you need to judge a book by its cover.
And for sure, I'd be more inclined to buy a book that has a nicely designed cover and more importantly, if there's lots of endorsement-praise-quote things printed all over. OR, it's been shortlisted for an award or better still, it actually won one.

So anyways, I'm still looking around for a nice book to read for the next few days. Any suggestions?
Fiction only. And no Tom Clancy military bullshit, ok? Or Dan Brown.



I had the chance to enjoy a very special Raya offering on Astro last night - a Malay movie entitled "Gangster". Whoa, sounds very scary, innit?
The movie stars Rosyam Nor (but of course, who else). I read somewhere in the papers that En. Rosyam Nor apparently was on every bloody channel this Raya, playing such diverse roles of a gang leader, ungrateful son, abused father & many more. Okay, I made the diverse character bit up, but still... he was on every damn channel. Respect man. Dude's a SUPERSTAR.
But back to GANG-STER... It seemed that the movie had a very disjointed storyline and had 3 sub-plots without having a main cerita. En Rosyam Nor however plays 3 characters in each of the sub plots, the most ridiculous being the super tough, blond bearded, leather jacket wearing, deep voice mumbling ultimate evil villian. He's supposed to be scary, but come on, leather jackets - in KL? The blond hair & beard weren't that intimidating either, he looked more like a funfair clown than anything else. It's not En. Rosyam Nor's fault though. Blame it on make up.
Anyways, GANG-Ster (like Friend-Ster) revolves around the healthy lifestyle of street racing & making new friends through casual chit chat at a night club bar. AKO is supposed to be the clean cut gambling street racer (probably an oxymoron), the Malay version of Paul Walker in the Fast & Furious movies, and to his credit he does it very well. He wears a nice Ferarri shirt while racing his Evo. Not that it means anything. I'm just mentioning this for no reason.
One thing that pisses me off in the Malay production GANGS-TER, is the fact that people order mineral water & Coke at the bar. Fuck that. It's a fucking bar, dammit. And I'm sure as hell that someone high on E won't be ordering mineral water. Coke, maybe... but still un-realistic. I'd like for once, to see in a Malay movie, someone come up to the bar and order good old BEER. That'll be cool.
The movie G-ANGST-ER had one more sub-plot with En Rosyam Nor, which I thought was the better of the rest. Because it didn't involve any scenes anywhere near a club.
At the end of the day, I have to admit (embarassingly) that I enjoyed the movie Gangster. Maybe its the Raya mood still, or whatever. I had ZERO expectations watching the movie, so that probably helped a bit. It's decent. But nothing more. The car race scenes were quite good though.
Go & Watch this movie.


Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.
Should've posted this earlier but I had issues with the Internet connection.
I just got back from work, and it's another long journey back to my kampung.
Have a nice Raya everyone. And be good.


Blog Entry

Read this blog entry. It's about Pasar Ramadan (and I know it's getting to the end of puasa, but what the heck) and it's fucking hilarious. And if you have time, read all the past posts too.

Note of caution though: This blog uses the words fuck, ass, shit, bitch, suck my dick liberally. So if you're easily offended, you might want to stay away.


I'm cultured, but not that much.

I'd say I'm a cultured person.
Because I read books, occassionally go to art exhibitions & once I even went to see a play. Ok, not exactly a play but it was a live stage comedy performance thing.

Therefore I am a cultured bloke. If not, I would be bikin-ing my bike and become a Mat Rempit. Then, I'll say things like "Weii wakenabeb!!".

And as I am a cultured bloke, it's obvious that I'd enjoy going out with cultured girls and do all these cultured things.
But the joy stops when they want to have sushi. I hate sushi. Never was a fan and never will be.
And just because I don't eat bloody sushi, I am deemed un-cultured. Well, fuck that.

Another thing that annoys me is that these people think that they're sophisticated and smooth and cultured and classy because they listen to jazz. Or Corrine Bailey Rice or whatever her name is. Well, eff that too (I'm trying to cut down on the swear words).


What the fuck?

What the hell happened?
My blog is GONE.
Tried entering toddekk.blogspot.com and I get "this girl lost her smile..." instead of the nice blog that is/was Jealous Again.
I am pissed. Fuck blogger.
Will this message get posted?


Back to Work

When was the last time you had a Ramly burger from your friendly local rock "brader"? It's been years since I had one of those, and I'm having a craving for that now. And have you ever noticed that these "brader" joints are usually located either opposite or near a 7 Eleven outlet? Weird, eh? Coincidence?

Anyways, it's been 2 weeks already since I came back from work. Now it's time to go back for another 14 days.


Pickup all the names you've dropped

I will be name dropping a lot in this post, so beware. If you happen to be the uncool dude who doesn't know who/what I am referencing, feel free to Google or Wikipedia any of the unfamiliar names. You need to know them to be as cool as me! Really.

I'm in a 90's mode right now. But one thing you should know is that I only really experienced the 90's in 2000, when I started uni. I mean, I only watched all the 90's movies in the year 2000, a whole bloody decade late. Oh well. As they say, better late than never.

Out of the blue, suddenly today I felt the urge to re-watch all the 90s classics once again. 90s classics = Kevin Smith. Here are the movies that I feel like watching:

A classic Kevin Smith movie which revolves around two blokes: A convenience store dude (who's not supposed to work that day) and his next door neighbour/buddy a complete arsehole of a person, video store attendant.

This movie marks the acting debut of skater Jason Lee. It has Jay & Silent Bob performing Jedi mind tricks. Yet another Kevin Smith movie.

Chasing Amy
Joey Lauren Adams has a superbly sexy voice. A movie about how boys can't just be friends with girls. Kevin Smith, again.

Empire Records
This is just a feel good movie about a record store. Not a Kevin Smith movie, but it has it moments. And Liv Tyler.

The Big Lebowski
The Dude is so cool.

And to really capture the spirit of 90's teen movies what better than to play Evan Dando/The Lemonheads as the official background soundtrack of the week.

The Lemonheads have a new self titled album out. And this time ex-members of The Descendents are in the band. I like the Descendents. They play fun happy FAST songs. But for some reason, I always get them confused with the Adolescents.


Seri Muka Update

I can't find a decent seri muka. At least not in Sri Damansara. Fuck it. I give up. Maybe I need to go to Kuching.

But now I have another massive craving for berbuka.

I want to eat cakoi. I hope you know what I'm talking about. Cakoi - those soft long fried bread-ish sticks that's amazingly pleasant when eaten panas panas. And cicah with kaya.
Fortunately I am going to balik kampung this weekend, and they have the best cakoi there!! I can't wait.


Seri Muka

It's fasting month once again, and as always I start to get huge cravings for seri muka for buka puasa. I've always been a fan of the seri muka, and I really think it fits perfectly during buka puasa. The combination of pulut and topping yg manis (never really knew what they're made of) is soothing and pleasant to my tastebuds.

My friend says that its weird, craving for seri muka. Whatever.

Unfortunately, finding the best seri muka is such a big challenge. There's like a million people selling seri muka at the Pasar Ramadan, and they all look nice. But I'd say only a handful could pass as decent while the rest prove to be complete letdowns. There's no one and truly perfect seri muka, not yet at least.

My quest now is to find the best seri muka in KL. Any ideas where to find such a thing?


Football & other stuff

My beloved Liverpool have won 3 games in a row, the latest being a nerve wrecking 2nd half experience against the mighty Galatasaray of Turkey. Despite leading 3-0 at one point, the Reds again nearly blew it by some piss poor defending. Luckily we managed to hang on for the win. Must do better next time. Finnan is no good in the air. And neither is Aurelio.

But the Reds have been improving, I must say. Wins against Newcastle & Tottenham probably gave the well needed injection of confidence to the side, and the marked improvement showed so obviously during the first half against Galatasaray as Liverpool were intent on getting an early lead.

Anyways, it was really nice to see good old Danny Murphy back at Anfield, albeit in a Spurs shirt. I thought he played well the other day, and deserved the applause & cheers as he was substituted late in the game. He's not the most talented individual but his commitment to the team was never in question. I've got a soft spot for Murphy and I wish him well at Tottenham.

On another note, I'm back in good terms (I think) with one of my long lost friends. It's not that there was any "bad" terms or anything like that, it's just that we ended up growing apart and left things being really awkward a few years back. But a chance encounter during work had us talking to each other again, and suddenly, to me at least, whatever happened in the past was gone. I guess we just grew up wiser and decided to ignore the foolishness of our past. We began to remember how well we "clicked" and just hit it off straight away. I'm glad that we managed to bump into one another. It feels much better now.


It's a Sunday.

It's a Sunday but I don't feel well. AND I have to work. Shit.


10 Things I Hate About You

I like Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You.


What the...

3-0. Three fucking nil. What the hell.
It's been a while since we've been humiliated in this manner and to make matters worse, it was at Everton.
I was so disgusted with the Reds' performance that I stopped watching the game by half time.
It's time to drop the frustratingly out of sorts Alonso, and to never ever play Garcia again.

I'll be away for my vacation starting tomorrow. So that should be fun.
And for the next 2 weeks starting Wednesday I'll be back at work. Probably minimum updates to this site during that period. But anyways, feel free to post a comment. Or if you want to belanja me makan you can also post a note in the comments section. Or if you want to introduce someone cute to me, you are most welcomed to do that too. Ahah.


Cerita Melayu

Once in a while, I watch drama Melayu on TV1. Why? Because I'm not a snob who thinks he's too good to watch Malay dramas, plus I don't think I "look stupid when I speak Malay".



Today, for me, was one of those rare days where you seem to bump into people that you know wherever you go.
I just can't seem to not see people that I know today. It's too good to be true. I met my ex-colleagues, transferred ex-housemates, long lost friends, my old boss & even my schoolfriends. All in one day! Wow. It felt really nice.

On another completely different note however, is this piece of observation:

If you manage to pick up a girl at a bar, she's probably a GRO.

And to tell you the truth, I'm intimidated by GROs, really. Sure, it sounds wussy and I'll get ridiculed as fuck if I admit this to my mates, but honestly, I find GROs scary and frightening(!). They always have too much make-up on, most likely to be drunk and/or high on drugs, slutty and horny. A combination of all, on several occasions, had made me feel uncomfortable. And I'm not too keen on being uncomfortable. It's not a good feeling.


Whatever happened to..?

Whatever happened to Anthony Le Tallec?? Once rated as the one of the most promising talent in the world, Le Tallec nowadays can only find himself rotting in the Liverpool reserves.Which is sad because I had high hopes on Tony Le T. And probably, so did the bloke I saw wearing a Liverpool shirt with Le Tallec printed on the back.

Mind you, I saw this bloke a couple of years back at the mamak during a Liverpool game, in the Houllier era. That was the time when Le Tallec was expected to provide some magical touches to our forward line. It's always fascinating how fans eagerly anticipate and have impossibly
high expectations whenever someone with considerable talent and a certain reputation joins their club. These expectations would escalate to an even higher degree if the player is young, and in this case poor 'ol Tony Le T was only about 17 - 18 when he joined the Reds. He played a couple of games, scored maybe a few goals, showed flashes of brilliance but never played in the playmaker/Sheringham role which I've always imagined he'd play. And then it all went downhill. Fast. He's still around, but I doubt he'll ever realise his potential anytime soon. Yet another talent wasted.

Tony Le T, enigma with a ridiculous hairstyle to boot!

I wonder whatever happened to the bloke's shirt? Is he still wearing it to the mamak when there's a Liverpool game?

And... on another totally different note, I wonder what ever happened to mIRC? Is anyone still using it? I remember those days where I killed my time at night chatting with random people using mIRC. Phrases like a/s/l were the common language. Haha. I smile everytime I remember those days.

Remember this?

And just for fun, I tried using Yahoo Chat last night, which is probably the closest to mIRC these days. I'm sure someone out there still uses mIRC but I didn't have the program on my laptop, and I couldn't be bothered to download it so I figured Yahoo Chat should be an able replacement. And I tried chatting with random people, and they still use a/s/l !!! But I'm surprised at how many scam sex webcam messages I get within minutes of logging on to the chatroom. I guess chatting days are gone, people are all for websex or something.

Ahh, I miss the old days.



Selamat menyambut Hari Kebangsaan. Merdeka!

I don't get fireworks. I mean I don't get excited or go "Ooohh Ahhh..." whenever fireworks go off. Even during Merdeka night. Even last night. To me, a fireworks show is usually boring. It's always too long. Why can't they make one firework that'll cover the entire 10 minute show? That'll be fun, and quick.
But one thing I noticed is that children are extremely fascinated by fireworks. Even if its the same pattern(?). They'll always sound enthusiastic and point out "Tengok tu, cantiknya... " every single time.


News that's old (and might not be true)

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere in the papers a while back about this:
Blondie is coming to perform here in KL. But tickets are ridiculously fucking expensive.
And more excitingly, Slayer is heading down to Singapore for a show too. Yes, SLAYER!! Satan is so happy.
I'm not a huge fan of either but I am well educated enough (music wise) to know that these two acts are going to seriously kill it.


Wedding daze.

It's been wedding season all week long, folks. In fact for the past week alone I had 5 wedding reception/kenduri invitations, of which I attended only 2 out of the 5. I missed out on the rest due to various reasons (not excuses) which would sound a lot complicated if I even try to attempt to explain them. No, really.

By far, the best wedding reception I attended (and probably the best I've attended in my whole life) was last Saturday's ceremony in Concorde Shah Alam. I'd like to congratulate one of my close(r) friends, Maznee & her husband Azmi for their wedding. The reception itself was truly an awesome event but I won't go into details here. I think it's suffice to say that anything involving a live jazz band, (Datin) Normala Shamsudin & 5-storey cakes seems like a nice cocktail to me. Excellent.



Well, I’m back!

First off, I’d like to congratulate my friend Ayie for getting married a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the kenduri, bro.

Recently, I found myself being addicted to the show Rockstar. It’s kinda like American Idol (or any of its reality show singing talent rip-offs) but for people with tattoos. And piercings. And studded belts.

Sure, its cheesy. It has a dude named Gilby on it. GILBY, dammit! That sounds like a Sesame Street puppet, don’t you think? And it has blur-ish Tommy Lee too. Lee looks like a tough guy, with tattoos and all but really he’s quite funny and to an extent, innocent even. And I can’t explain in words how offended I feel every time I see Navarro wearing a sleeveless shirt. That’s so fucking gay.

But occasionally there’ll be a performance (or song) that is so awesome I couldn’t help but feel stoked. And I guess that’s why I like the show, despite all its obvious flaws.

I particularly liked the song “Starman”. The performance was so good that it prompted me to search for the original version by David Bowie. I was never a Bowie fan although he’s probably cool in a transsexual alien freak way. However, thanks to the miracle that is Rockstar, I have managed to get myself to partially tolerate Bowie. And that’s quite a musical achievement for me.

I’m back from work now, and I feel good. It’s nice to have a holiday after a long working period. Although actually it wasn’t that long after all. I took a few days off to attend a training course (the same course that made me miss the kenduri) in Kuantan, where we stayed in this really nice hotel by the beach. And apparently at the same time there was this polo tournament going on somewhere nearby, and all these polo players were staying in the same hotel.

I think polo is a nice sport. If you’re bloody rich, of course. And probably you’ll need some sort of royalty links as well to really fit in. It feels very old English-y but yet its super classy. It’s very much a gentlemen’s game. And the ladies accompanying these polo playing gentlemen are not too bad looking at all. In fact, I’d probably say that they’re hot.

So if you have blue blood, play polo. That’ll score big points with your royalty friends and definitely impress the ladies. For common folk like me, we’ll just stick to golf.


You'd be surprised...

Kids nowadays are so damn Internet savvy, aren't they?

Last weekend, my neighbour had a joint birthday party for both of their children. And being good neighbours that we are, my family went next door to join in the celebrations. And to my surprise, I found the party to be quite extravagant, considering it was only to celebrate 8 & 11 year old's birthdays. They had a CLOWN to entertain the kids, made-to-order ais kacang, made-to-order char kuey teow, satay, spaghetti, cake, candy, sweets, lollies, balloons, party hats, bla bla bla (basically, there's lots of food). I remember the birthdays that I had as a child to be much much simpler. Just one bloody cake, some candles and that's it. No clowns doing magic tricks or dancing to Pussycat Dolls music.

Anyways, my cousins (or to be exact: My mother's cousin's daughters) were also invited to the party. Apparently, the neighbour's child is their classmate or something.

After the party, these cousins (12 year old girl and her 11, 9, 6 year old sisters) then came over to my house. And the next thing you know, they were already playing with my sister's laptop. I was a bit curious as to what these girls were doing so I went to have a look.

[Cousin A] buat apa tu?

Cousin A (12 y.o)
Kitorang tengah tengok MySpace page kawan.

You know about MySpace?

Cousin C (9 y.o)
Ye lah....

Me (Looking at the screen)
Sapa ni?

Cousin C
Kawan sekolah. Darjah 5. Adik Sharifah Amani. Rumah dia kat belakang tu je
(while pointing to the direction towards the back of my house)

Oh. Ok. You all ada MySpace profile sendiri jugak ke?

Cousin A
Ada lah. My classmates semua pun ada.

Cousin C (Talking to her sister)
Kakak, nanti taruk video party tadi kat YouTube okay??

Wow!! Bloody hell!!
MySpace and You-fucking-Tube???
Unbelievable. These kids are so advanced.
I didn't know about the Internet until I was about 15.
They'll probably have their own blog next.


The problem with...

I read somewhere over the weekend about the difficulties and trouble people have when dealing with ex-girlfriends (or ex-boyfriends for that matter). I felt that I could somewhat relate to these situations considering my few oh so uncomfortable experiences with those whose names shall not be mentioned, ever! (And for some of you who can guess, please keep your mouth shut. Haha). Ideally, we'd like to think that we can have some sort of relationship with our exes but in reality that rarely happens. Rarely.

And any efforts to even start a non-boyfriend/girlfriend type of relation is just hopeless. It starts off really awkward, then you start questioning why would you even bother, eventually you'll just say "Ah, fuck it. Its pointless" and there goes your noble act of reconciliation down the bloody drain. And it will happen that way. No happy endings, my friend. None.

So, with exes, never ever talk to them unless its absolutely necessary, and even then, with minimal words. And if you bump into them somewhere, say hi and go away. Any encounter more than 5 minutes will be extremely awkward and potentially embarrassing. But what's worse, there's always the small chance of feeling hurt. And why bother with all that when you can ignore this bullshit?
Well, at least that's what I do. I don't know about you. But it works for me.

On another note, I've been watching re-runs of House. I love it. And I'm getting more cynical the more I watch it.
On another another note, I'm slightly embarrassed to watch Stevie G's Celcom ad. Haha, come on, Stevie, you could do much better, mate.


First Win

Luckily, the Reds won last night against some pretty tricky opposition (Maccabi Haifa). I didn't wake up early enough to watch the first half and by the time I got my arse out of bed the game was already well into the 2nd period.
Anyways, Liverpool played a decent game but nowhere near the level I'd consider excellent. I'll cut them some slack since it's early days and players might be rusty still.

Didn't see much of Bellamy though he did score, while Pennant was busy down the right without actually getting his crosses accurate. Gerrard occasionally was played on the LEFT (what the..?) and Zenden was very average. Alonso didn't impose himself enough in midfield and I thought only Sissoko was playing well. But a win is a win. I'm glad we got the win, but am still worried about the 2nd leg.

Ahh... the ups and downs being a Red.
Bring it on, I've missed it for months.

Think About This

You get interesting thoughts from people you hang out with.

Last night, I was hanging out with my friend at our local mamak. It was just after dinner but was not late enough to be considered a proper supper. As usual, I ordered my teh tarik. And then we proceeded with our borak borak.
After a while the teh tarik arrived. It was in a nice huge glass and had a lot of froth on top, which I liked.
Unfortunately it was a bit too sweet for my liking. There's too much sugar, I reckoned.
But I drank the teh nonetheless, about quarter way down the glass and I didn't mind that it tasted sweeter than I would've liked it to be. I knew that too much sugar is not good, but what the hell. Belasah je la.
Now the glass is about 3/4 full. I then poured some air suam into the glass to "dilute" the sweetness so that it would more bearable for me to drink.
And at this point, my good 'ol friend asked "Why did you add more water to your teh?"
"It was too sweet. I wanted to dilute it lah" was my reply.
"But what's the point? You drinking the same amount of sugar, kan? Regardless of whether you add water or not, the amount of sugar still remains the same."

I didn't have a reply. It made me think. And I have to agree, what he said was absolutely true. I'm just wondering why I didn't think of it that way before. All the while, I was under the impression that less sweet means less sugar, but obviously this isn't quite true.

What do YOU think?



My uneventful and boring weekend was saved (barely) by the surprisingly good Hungarian F1 race, which I enjoyed very much. I'm an F1 fan and I do watch every race whenever I can, but usually I don't stay and watch until the end. I like the starts 'cause a lot of incidents happen then but when the race develops a "steady" rhythm or whenever the gap between each driver is so huge, it gets boring very quickly.

But not in Hungary yesterday. It was by far the best F1 race I've watched this season, and I even stayed on until the end, right up to the trophy presentation ceremony! There was so much happening, and it rained; which makes it even more chaotic, with cars spinning on nearly every lap. Highlights: Alonso & Micheal's duel, the numerous overtaking manouvers, Raikkonen's amazing bump into Monteiro's rear, Renault not finishing, dilemma over full wet, intermediates or slicks, Jenson's (and Honda's) first win. Plus a few more I've probably forgot.

And while I do not have a specific "team" that I follow, I found myself quietly pleased and proud of BMW-Sauber's (my default team, I suppose) performance yesterday. Heidfeld finished on the podium (a first for BMW?) while debutant Kubica did ever so well despite 2 spins and a nose-cone change to finish 7th. Good job lads. Well done. The BMW ads were also quite fun, it came with a completely retro 70's soundtrack to boot! But what's the connection between Jacques and Newtown?? That baffled me.

Anyhow, the race was so good that I didn't even mind the obvious bias-ness of the commentators who clearly were backing Button, which came as no surprise considering one of them was Honda's test driver and Button's team mate.

Last night's race was excellent, and hopefully the next one would be just as good.



Firstly, let's start off with something funny I just heard on TV. A scene from a Malay drama series.

Mak (sounding suspicious) :
Mak rasa ade sesuatu yang tak kena ni. Ayah kau tu selalunya sihat sihat je, tapi semalam tiba tiba je kena stroke. Mak rasa ada orang yang nak menganiaya keluarga kita Man.

Man (or maybe Wan, tak ingat nama, the son - sounding pissed off) :
Ala mak.. mana ada orang yang aniaya kita mak.
Stroke; memang la tiba tiba!

Haha, I don't know about you, but I sure thought it sounded funny.


I've finished reading Nick Hornby's latest novel, A Long Way Down and I must say that it is an interesting and hilarious read. But I had the feeling that the story was kinda tergantung. I was disappointed with the ending, only because the rest of the book was excellent. I still would recommend it though, Hornby once again excels in building up colourful and "real" characters - the story is told ala About a Boy i.e from each main character's point of view.
I'm sure someone would make a movie out of this novel later on.


I've seen too many teen flicks, romantic comedies, those confused teenage life TV shows (O.C et. al), and seen a few good examples in real life and probably have my own experience to say that falling for your friend is a bad bad idea. So when this mate of mine expressed to me and a couple other blokes that he fancies a mutual friend of ours, I begin to think "Hmm, well... this can become uncomfortable later on, dude. Are you sure?". But of course, I didn't tell him that. What I (and the rest of us) said was "Well, go for it dude."
And I wish him well. Really.
But I just can't help but feel that this could possibly go downhill somewhere along the line. Not that I didn't want my mate to be happy with his girl, it's just in my nature to be skeptical of things. I feel that the transition from friend to "special friend" is something that is really awkward, weird, confusing and possibly uncomfortable. And it is definitely different for the group since the dynamics of the whole "group relationship" has changed. Plus, I find it difficult to believe that you can be friends and lovers at the same time. You can only be either one.
Anyways, those two lovebirds have already "hooked up" - as the MTV generation would say and I wish them well. We all do.


Not too sure

Once again, I'm too sure about Khairy, despite his very public appearance yesterday, rallying against Israel's attack on Lebanon. I am not in any way undermining the importance of his actions, in fact I do support the efforts to condemn Israel's brutal attacks, and good for him for highlighting this very serious matter, it's just that I have this sneaky feeling that there may be something else in it for Khairy. I just don't trust him.

Oh and by the way, interested in using chemicals?


Getting Linked?

I've just realised that I don't link much.
Just look at my links on the right. THREE links only. Pathetic. Those 3 links are pretty darn good, but still the amount is pathetic nonetheless. Haha.

So here's an offer I have. If you want me to put your site on my Links section, please feel free to drop a comment saying: Your site would be a million times better if you linked me.
Or something like that.
And I WILL link you. I promise.


Read Newspapers

Have you noticed how tacky and tabloid-y the Malay Mail has become recently? What happened there? While I was never a regular reader of the old Malay Mail, but through the few times that I did read the publication, it gave me the impression that it was a rather decent read. But yesterday I had the chance to read the "all new" Malay Mail and I thought that it was totally rubbish. 90% of the content is tabloid material, not to mention the numerous amount of useless gossip (local & international) and those sleazy dodgy photos. I know that sex sells, but hey, have a bit of class, will ya? Unfortunately, it has become the English version of Harian Metro. Yes, it's THAT bad.

In other news, I see that Astro will be showing the US version of the series The Office soon. Hmm, interesting. I'm very skeptical and doubt whether the American version of this totally hilarious show would be anywhere close to the original British version. American sense of humour is different from the British, and I'm not too sure whether the American version would have the same impact. Example: While there's been rave reviews about the series Arrested Development, personally I don't think its that funny or hilarious at all. Maybe I just don't get it. I think the Brits are better at these "mock-umentary" style of comedy than the Yanks.

So, if you haven't seen The Office (original version) yet, do yourself a favour and go to your favourite Torrent site and download the whole season. Then, watch it. If you've ever worked in an office, you'll quickly realise that this show is bloody funny.



Did I say I won't have an Internet connection? I did, didn't I? But I do have one now. All thanks to my desperation that drove me to be super-resourceful. I taught myself how to hack the office network and after all the hard work, I have gained access to the Inter-nerd. Credit also to my other "resourceful" colleagues that inspired me to find the back door to the outside world. Sure, technically; it's illegal but I need my dose of Internet everyday. Bloody hell.
I'm just super stoked on this I can't think straight. Yay.


Away for 2 weeks.

Have you ever tried Coke + Soya bean? This was the dumb bet that my friends and I had last night. Whoever loses in our Winning Eleven football matches will have to drink one whole glass of CokeSoyaBean cocktail, or as we prefer to call it: Cobean. And I can tell you this: It tastes kinda good initially but it's the after-taste that kills you. If you're interested, you might want to try this yourself. And yes, we're (slight) geeks cause we play video games AND bet on them too!

On other news, I'm sorry to inform the loyal readers and casual observers that I won't be able to post anything new to this blog for at least 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I have to go to work. You can still keep posting comments and I can definitely read them (I receive comment notification in my work email) but I don't think I would be able to reply.
Hopefully I'll be back by end of the month.
But rest assured, I'll be thinking of ideas for future posts during these 2 weeks.


Ohh I'm smiling!

AHH... Datuk K just can't wipe that HUGE grin off his face, can he? I would have difficulties too, if I were a 40+ year old duda who's marrying someone 20 years old younger, not to mention she's probably THE most wanted girl in Malaysia. Some people are just lucky bastards.

Anyways, have you been to the movies lately? If you have, you've probably seen the Tiger beer ad. The one that has Jessica Alba in it. I've seen the ad a few times and I think its funny, but in a completely different way than what Tiger intended. It's so bloody cheesy and lame that it's actually hilarious, if you know what I mean.
I particularly like the wooden acting, with no emotion whatsoever delivery of this line: Isn't she your favourite star? by a semi Asian looking dude in an unmistakably Aussie accent. I always crack up everytime I see that part. It's so bad that it's good.

Does this work?

Let's try this.
I've discovered that I can actually post to me blog via email.
Hmm.. sounds interesting.


I have photos

Just a couple of photos (taken using my handphone) of yesterday night's show.
Stringfellow - playing the "keyboard" version of his songs; rather than the usual guitar one.

Mr. Stringfellow on the keyboard, ladies & gentlemen

A closer look at Stringfellow


World Cup, Stringfellow, bla bla

The World Cup is over, and almost all of my regular blog stops have dedicated at least one whole post to cerita about the World Cup final. I'll probably just make it a half post, firstly, since its been nearly a week since the game and secondly, you probably have read this on every damn blog too.
I just wanted to say how sad it is to see Zidane bow out of the game in such a disgraceful manner. Regardless of what Materazzi - the former Evertonian said, Zizou should've kept his cool. But having said that, in a weird way I understand and even admire what he did. If anything, it shows that everyone is a little messed up somewhere in the head. Everyone, even the football wizard Zidane himself, is human after all. And that comforts me. Zidane is definitely someone I look up to, and I need my heroes to show that while they're brilliant at what they do, they'll do something crazy once in a while. They're fucked up a little. I prefer to call it "character". Character adds to the charisma of a person. Plus, "perfect" blokes are boring and dull. Just like Lampard.
Anyways, congratulations to Italy. Well deserved. I was a temporary Italy supporter that night, by the way, so I tumpang enjoy sekali la.

Alright, thats the World Cup.

Here's another story:

I just went to this "rock/indie/whatever" show last night. It was a relatively low key affair, the crowd was a mix of young & old, the place was small but cosy, the bands were friendly and close.
There's this local band named Couple. I've heard of them before but never really listened to any of their songs. But their performance last night truly impressed me. They play a bunch of happy sing-y song-y, Weezer-ish kind of music with a healthy dose of "aha ahaha"s in the choruses. Kids nowadays call it power pop or something. I liked the band and I liked their performance, that's all that matters, not power pop or soda pop or whatnot. You should check them out. They're good. Trust me. Go buy the CD. Oh, they also have a chick playing the guitar. Just thought that'll get your attention. Plus, I'm a sucker for girls who play guitars.

The main act was this American dude named Ken Stringfellow. I must admit, going to the show I had absolutely no idea who this bloke is. Honestly, I just went there cause I didn't have anything else to do, and I'd been wanting to listen to a real live band for ages now. Anyways, up comes this lanky American and straight away he cheekily says "You got good hospitals here" while pointing to his heavily bandaged elbow. Apparently dude cut his elbow a few days back but didn't bother to properly clean the wound and eventually the wound got badly infected until he had to go to the hospital to get it sorted.
"Sorry, but really I've only got one arm tonight. Hopefully everything goes well. I'm Ken Stringfellow. I'm up here to play some songs for you. Hope that's alright."
Straight away I can sense that this dude is a bit goofy. And funny. Oh, it's gonna be fun.
And fun it was.
Stringfellow is a singer songwriter dude who is also in a band called the Posies. I didn't have a clue who the Posies are, so right now I'm reading all about them on the Internet. You know, doing some homework.
Stringfellow's awesome vocals, coupled with the
sparse guitar arrangement managed to captivate the audience, who were evidently savouring the mellow and melancholic mood Stringfellow had set. Literally everyone was like "terpaku", clearly impressed and enjoying Stringfellow's superb and passionate show. It almost brought a tear to my eye.
I can safely say that 90% of the crowd did not have any clue whatsoever about Stringfellow prior to the show, but I can guarantee every single one of them will start knowing him more as soon as the show's finished.
All in all, it was a great way to spend the evening. Hope to do this again sometime soon.
Nothing beats good music.
Hmm, except a Liverpool game, definitely.


Local Papers

I don't usually read newspapers. I don't watch the news either. Therefore, most of the time I wouldn't have a clue as to what's happening in the world. You can say that I am an ignorant bastard, more or less.
But recently, I had the sudden enthusiasm to read newspapers. Maybe it's out of boredom due to my ever depleting interest in work, or maybe its just a miracle, that's causing this "out of the blue" interest in local news. Yes, apparently there's so much to love about our local news, and it gets more exciting with each passing day. So, to prove that I actually know a bit of what's happening in good 'ol Malaya, here's a few of my top news picks for the past month:

Dr M v Pak Lah
This has been going on for a while now. Quite honestly, Dr M raised some interesting to say the least questions which until now have not been properly answered (or in Pak Lah's case not answered at all). I don't really know where I stand on this one as new things keep popping up everyday, adding more ??? to the already not-so-straightforward issue. And on the other side you have all these ministers declaring "support" and vowing to "explain" those queries. I need not say more, it's all over the blog scene - Screenshot, Rocky's Bru, Malaysiakini, etc. Go and spend hours reading those site. Go now. Shoosh.

I wanted a Merc MP
This dude is a complete douche bag. First it was the "balak" case, now he's going all over the place accusing the Customs of some rather "dodgy practices". And more recently, the crybaby like bullshit of "I didn't get a cheap Merc, instead I got some useless crap". Dude's a tosser. I'm not convinced that the Customs is clean either, but a different, non-self embarassing approach would be much much better for Jasin (bukan nama sebenar). Am I getting sued for this? I'm too insignificant for all that.

Mawi putus tunang / Siti kawin Datuk K
Not "real" news, more suited to URTV or Utusan Malaysia yet it still made the (relatively) front pages of all major newpapers (English & Malay, perhaps Chinese & Tamil too). My mum loves this stuff. And probably, so does your mum. Mawi apparently has turned into this "lupa daratan, lupa asal usul, kisah si Tanggang" character just because he putus tunang. To be frank, I've expected the "putus tunang" to happen earlier. But that's probably because I'm just being cynical.
The "is she or isn't she" story of Siti kawin Datuk K seems to have cooled down since the putus tunang news broke. It still deserves a mention though. I guess old blokes with thick moustaches are HOT STUFF!! And oh, being rich also helps.

Lina Joy Murtad
This is another relatively low profile story but you can read the day by day trial updates in the papers. Quite interesting stuff here.

And if you've been surfing the blogs I mentioned above, you could probably guess there's a bit of tension between certain people and a certain news daily. I don't quite understand the whole issue but you can feel the tense vibe reading those blogs. Anyone care to summarise & explain?

So in conclusion, read the papers. And then read the blogs. Apparently papers tell lies. Its true. I read it in the blogs. But the blogs are also lies. So how ah?


Oil Rig Worker

It looks like I'm going to be an oil rig worker pretty soon. If that really happens, then I'll be offshore for 2 weeks each month. But on the plus side, I get the other 2 weeks off. 2 bloody weeks off. Thats too much idling time, though I'm not in any way complaining at all.
So what's it like, you know, working in an oil rig? you may ask.

It's roughly like this:
You get covered with dirty mud, oil, grease, water, diesel and a whole lot of other nasty things everyday, for the whole 2 weeks. You work from 6 am to 6 pm, and occasionally even until midnight. You smell like oil after work everyday.You work in a hazardous environment where everything around you can blow up in an instant. It's offshore, so it's not like you can go anywhere after work, you're stuck there.
It's rough and dirty. Definitely no metrosexual bullshit here.


Pick Me Up

Flirting with chicks through Friendster is as near-impossible as getting a straight answer from Samy Vellu. Well, impossible for me at least. Ha ha.
They probably think I'm a creepy bastard that sends random messages all over. And my "testimonials" don't help either; most of them say that I am in fact I AM (allegedly) a creepy bastard. Which is not true. I'm a decent human being. Really.
But then again it was me that approved those testimonials in the first place, so it's my fault.
Ahh well, what to do?


Some Japanese Game

Lately I've been filling my time in my cubicle doing Sudoku. It's way better than staring into blank space. And you know what, Sudoku is not THAT easy!
I find myself struggling to fill up the numbers vertically & horizontally. Most of the time I use the crude method of trial and error or "main belasah cuba nasib" which usually works like this: Fill random numbers in random box followed by immediately erasing said number upon realising that it wouldn't work after I've filled up another box with yet another seemingly random number (..phew).
You can see a LOT of eraser marks on my Sudoku worksheet. Worse if it's on a newspaper. Kadang kadang sampai koyak.
There must be a better method than this. Filling up 9 horizontal & vertical lines randomly is hard, not to mention how much of a headache it is.
It was only today I realised that there's another little "rule" that I've missed.
Apparently, you have to fill the digits 1 to 9 in the nine 3 by 3 boxes as well.


Well... this certainly simplify things a bit.


Remember my Alleged Friend (AF), Mr. Know-it-All walking encyclopaedia, doesn’t know what is the Ashes despite “borak-borak pasal kriket kat pub ngan bebudak India”? Well, he’s back annoying the fuck out of me once more.

We were watching TV (it’s always in front of the TV, innit?) World Cup match: Togo v France.
4 people in the living room. Me, Friend 1(F1), Friend 2 (F2) & Alleged Friend (AF).

Match already started and its somewhere in the middle of the first half.
AF is sitting on the sofa with a laptop. He’s watching football while surfing the Net.

F1 : Adoi, France main macam sial. Boring gile game.

F2 : Come on la Togo. Useless betul France. Banyak player tua.

Me : France pakai player sama since World Cup ’98.

F1 : A’ah la.. sume dah tua dah. Zidane, Vieira, Henry, Thuram.

AF : Henry mana ade masa ’98. Aku tengok dulu, aku ingat.. Henry ni baru lagi.

Me : Oi Henry ada la masa ’98. Check kat Internet tu.

AF : (Degil)
Eh ade ke? Aku sure takde la. Belum masuk Arsenal pun lagi masa tu.
F1 : Lantak kau la.

F2 : (Ignoring the ongoing debate).. Come on Togo!!

AF : Go TOGO!!! Korang ni apsal sokong France? Togo la bagus. Player laju, power. Aku mmg dari dulu lagi support Togo.

F1 : Oh ye ke? Kalau camtu, ibu Negara Togo ape?

Me : Togo cakap bahasa ape?

F2 : Coach Togo ape nama?

Me : Togo kat mana?

AF : (in a dismissive tone) Ishhh….

Me : Oi check la kat Internet, kata support Togo. Ni asyik tengok porn je.

AF : (kinda pissed) Fuck you!

Me, F1 & F2 just laughed.


Interesting Stories

Have you heard tales about how certain words came about?
I'm sure you have come across these very interesting stories.

Posh is actually acronym for Port Out Starboard Home (there's a long story behind this, involving voyages across continents!!)
Golf - Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

Fuck - Fornication Under the Consent of the King

You know, stuff like that...

But hey guess what? They're all LIES!!
Although the stories sound legit, AND they do kinda make sense too, apparently all of these "origin of words" stories are completely FALSE.
Which makes me wonder.... who initially had this great idea to make up these stories, and how did it spread so far??


World Cup so far

I'm mightily impressed by two players in the World Cup so far. I think Riquelme and Van Persie are excellent players. Riquelme has proven that he is definitely the classiest and best player in the Argentinian team, head and shoulders above the rest, a certain Mr Messi included. He makes everything look easy, sprays the ball all over the field, has an eye for the killer pass, has excellent control and movement. Truly an elegant player.
On the other hand, I am quite surprised that van Persie is impressing me. Robben may be getting the headlines, but van Persie is the type of player that I admire. He's another classy player that relies more on quick thinking and excellent vision to play the game, rather than utilising pace to terrorise opponents. There's never a touch too many, everything is measured and delivered just right. Too bad he plays for Arsenal.
Looking forward to find some more gem players in the upcoming matches.
Enjoy your football everyone.


Singapore is a foreign country

If you like shopping and you have loads of money (lucky bastard!) then you should go to bloody SINGAPORE!
I was there last week for three days, all paid for by my kind employers who thought I was going there to work. At least that's what I told them. Technically, there was a bit of work being done, but that only took 1/2 a day. The rest of the time were spent on non-work activities, obviously.

Apparently right now Singapore is having their annual Great Singapore Sale, much like our own Karnival Beli Belah or something like that. But they have more stuff that I'd actually want to buy over there. I ended up RM 800 poorer by the end of my trip. I spent eight fucking hundred bucks in 3 days! And most of them are on clothes! I'm becoming a girl.

And they have HMV over there. It's been a long long while since I've been in one and when I stepped into the store, it felt really good. Comforting, even. Ok well HMV may not have all the CDs that I want, but they're not too bad. They have the decent stuff, if you look hard. Plus, I just couldn't tahan to see CDs priced at 19.99 and some at 15.99. Rasa cam nak beli semua!!

Before you start being a smart arse and say "Ala, kalau convert sama la harga dgn kat sini", I already know that. But psychologically the numbers 19.99 is much much lower than 49.90 and for that reason I bought 3 CDs. It seemed cheap. In terms of value, maybe I would save a bit more cash if I bought the CDs over here. Then again, maybe I couldn't find these CDs here. So you see, it's a complicated situation.

I wouldn't tell what CDs I bought cause it's a bit embarassing. Haha.

Conclusion: If you want to buy stuff (nice stuff some more, ah) go to Singapore. And bring lots of cash.


World Cup!

The World Cup has started.
Now, everyone knows that the World Cup is held every four years, yes?
Well, then geniuses, answer me this:

There was a World Cup when I was in Form 1 and the next World Cup was held when I was in Form 5. But hey, wait a minute... isn't that 5 years apart??

It's probably a straight forward answer, but apparently its been bugging me all day long.
Plus, its a good trick question to fool young children. Ahh, the confused look on those kids faces gives me such joy. Evil.



I had the weekend plus a few more days to think about this. But in reality, I came up with this within an hour on Monday, my mind fuelled up with damn Vanilla Coke ( I hated it earlier, but then it grew on me). Plus, I'm a busy bloke on weekends so I wouldn't have much time anyways.

Ok, in my opinion and gut feeling, these are some top wankers in Malaysia.

Samser Sidhu
As Farock rightly predicted, I have in fact managed to "fit Samser Sidhu somewhere in there", yeah right smack on top, head of the class, mate! The bald headed guy from the Celcom ad and host of the God-awful TV show Fear Factor Malaysia is well and truly a wanker extraordinaire. Homeboy tries so so hard to look cool and has too much "gaya macam pukimak".

Khairy "KJ" Jamaludin
The man behind MyTeam. For someone who doesn't have a real job, he sure does appear on TV (and papers) way too much. Tosser. I can see right through his fake ass smile.

Jien (Football Crazy)
Maybe it's the HongKee hairstyle, maybe its the annoying high pitched voice, maybe its the pink shirts, I dunno. This is a dude that looks like he know's absolute nothing about football and yet we still have to endure his constant yapping about "EPL" week in and week out. He think he's cool. I think he's a poof.

Fazley penyanyi (and doktor & pengasas kolej)
For someone who's apparently well educated, it's amazing how he still is a wanker. He has a PhD and has his college for God's sake. Anyway, I always question people's motives when they set up these "celebrity college or anything charity-like". They always sound a bit dodgy. You can see this douche bag giving advice and motivasi for those poor Akademi Fantasia kids every week on Astro.

Poor 'ol Shebby. I was actually 50-50 on this one. I think everyone is familiar with our own "football pundit" here. And you should also be familiar with his wanker-ness. I don't need to proceed any further.

And that's all. Sure, there are a million more: Aznil Nawawi, Azwan Ali, Hazami, AC Mizal bla bla bla. But these guys at least aren't acting as if they're the hottest shit ever. Unlike the blokes above. So I've cut some slack, I guess.
And have you noticed that they're no female wankers? Is the term wanker limited to males? If yes, whats the female equivalent? Or is it really the case that there aren't any female "wankers"? Hmm... a question to ponder.

P/s: Where can I find the Seinfeld Theme mp3?