In the age of Twitter and Facebook, blogs seem very old-school. People hardly write proper entries anymore, but instead publish their thoughts within Twitter's 140 character-limit every other minute. It's a good way of updating the world about the happenings in your domestic life, or to tell people that you've read yet another (pseudo) thought provoking but poorly argued article on (insert favourite political website). But then, it's also not everyone's cup of tea. I for one, am not a fan of it - probably because I have a dull and unexciting life not worthy of any "tweets" and more importantly, I can't get anything across very succinctly. This little ramble alone has taken a whole paragraph without ever getting to some kind of point. I apologise.

My sudden desire to write was largely inspired after reading Julia Stiles' blog. Yes, Julia Stiles, of all people. I've always liked Julia Stiles, which is a weird thing to say because I only like one of her films - 10 Things, so I may be a little bit confused whether I actually like Ms Stiles or her character. But nonetheless, that doesn't, or shouldn't take anything away from the fact the she is a good writer.

Remember the bit where I said I go on and on without getting to the point? So far, I'm putting a very good example of it.

Abrupt ending coming soon, but then it won't be so abrupt since I've warned you.