I had the chance to enjoy a very special Raya offering on Astro last night - a Malay movie entitled "Gangster". Whoa, sounds very scary, innit?
The movie stars Rosyam Nor (but of course, who else). I read somewhere in the papers that En. Rosyam Nor apparently was on every bloody channel this Raya, playing such diverse roles of a gang leader, ungrateful son, abused father & many more. Okay, I made the diverse character bit up, but still... he was on every damn channel. Respect man. Dude's a SUPERSTAR.
But back to GANG-STER... It seemed that the movie had a very disjointed storyline and had 3 sub-plots without having a main cerita. En Rosyam Nor however plays 3 characters in each of the sub plots, the most ridiculous being the super tough, blond bearded, leather jacket wearing, deep voice mumbling ultimate evil villian. He's supposed to be scary, but come on, leather jackets - in KL? The blond hair & beard weren't that intimidating either, he looked more like a funfair clown than anything else. It's not En. Rosyam Nor's fault though. Blame it on make up.
Anyways, GANG-Ster (like Friend-Ster) revolves around the healthy lifestyle of street racing & making new friends through casual chit chat at a night club bar. AKO is supposed to be the clean cut gambling street racer (probably an oxymoron), the Malay version of Paul Walker in the Fast & Furious movies, and to his credit he does it very well. He wears a nice Ferarri shirt while racing his Evo. Not that it means anything. I'm just mentioning this for no reason.
One thing that pisses me off in the Malay production GANGS-TER, is the fact that people order mineral water & Coke at the bar. Fuck that. It's a fucking bar, dammit. And I'm sure as hell that someone high on E won't be ordering mineral water. Coke, maybe... but still un-realistic. I'd like for once, to see in a Malay movie, someone come up to the bar and order good old BEER. That'll be cool.
The movie G-ANGST-ER had one more sub-plot with En Rosyam Nor, which I thought was the better of the rest. Because it didn't involve any scenes anywhere near a club.
At the end of the day, I have to admit (embarassingly) that I enjoyed the movie Gangster. Maybe its the Raya mood still, or whatever. I had ZERO expectations watching the movie, so that probably helped a bit. It's decent. But nothing more. The car race scenes were quite good though.
Go & Watch this movie.


Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.
Should've posted this earlier but I had issues with the Internet connection.
I just got back from work, and it's another long journey back to my kampung.
Have a nice Raya everyone. And be good.


Blog Entry

Read this blog entry. It's about Pasar Ramadan (and I know it's getting to the end of puasa, but what the heck) and it's fucking hilarious. And if you have time, read all the past posts too.

Note of caution though: This blog uses the words fuck, ass, shit, bitch, suck my dick liberally. So if you're easily offended, you might want to stay away.


I'm cultured, but not that much.

I'd say I'm a cultured person.
Because I read books, occassionally go to art exhibitions & once I even went to see a play. Ok, not exactly a play but it was a live stage comedy performance thing.

Therefore I am a cultured bloke. If not, I would be bikin-ing my bike and become a Mat Rempit. Then, I'll say things like "Weii wakenabeb!!".

And as I am a cultured bloke, it's obvious that I'd enjoy going out with cultured girls and do all these cultured things.
But the joy stops when they want to have sushi. I hate sushi. Never was a fan and never will be.
And just because I don't eat bloody sushi, I am deemed un-cultured. Well, fuck that.

Another thing that annoys me is that these people think that they're sophisticated and smooth and cultured and classy because they listen to jazz. Or Corrine Bailey Rice or whatever her name is. Well, eff that too (I'm trying to cut down on the swear words).


What the fuck?

What the hell happened?
My blog is GONE.
Tried entering toddekk.blogspot.com and I get "this girl lost her smile..." instead of the nice blog that is/was Jealous Again.
I am pissed. Fuck blogger.
Will this message get posted?


Back to Work

When was the last time you had a Ramly burger from your friendly local rock "brader"? It's been years since I had one of those, and I'm having a craving for that now. And have you ever noticed that these "brader" joints are usually located either opposite or near a 7 Eleven outlet? Weird, eh? Coincidence?

Anyways, it's been 2 weeks already since I came back from work. Now it's time to go back for another 14 days.


Pickup all the names you've dropped

I will be name dropping a lot in this post, so beware. If you happen to be the uncool dude who doesn't know who/what I am referencing, feel free to Google or Wikipedia any of the unfamiliar names. You need to know them to be as cool as me! Really.

I'm in a 90's mode right now. But one thing you should know is that I only really experienced the 90's in 2000, when I started uni. I mean, I only watched all the 90's movies in the year 2000, a whole bloody decade late. Oh well. As they say, better late than never.

Out of the blue, suddenly today I felt the urge to re-watch all the 90s classics once again. 90s classics = Kevin Smith. Here are the movies that I feel like watching:

A classic Kevin Smith movie which revolves around two blokes: A convenience store dude (who's not supposed to work that day) and his next door neighbour/buddy a complete arsehole of a person, video store attendant.

This movie marks the acting debut of skater Jason Lee. It has Jay & Silent Bob performing Jedi mind tricks. Yet another Kevin Smith movie.

Chasing Amy
Joey Lauren Adams has a superbly sexy voice. A movie about how boys can't just be friends with girls. Kevin Smith, again.

Empire Records
This is just a feel good movie about a record store. Not a Kevin Smith movie, but it has it moments. And Liv Tyler.

The Big Lebowski
The Dude is so cool.

And to really capture the spirit of 90's teen movies what better than to play Evan Dando/The Lemonheads as the official background soundtrack of the week.

The Lemonheads have a new self titled album out. And this time ex-members of The Descendents are in the band. I like the Descendents. They play fun happy FAST songs. But for some reason, I always get them confused with the Adolescents.


Seri Muka Update

I can't find a decent seri muka. At least not in Sri Damansara. Fuck it. I give up. Maybe I need to go to Kuching.

But now I have another massive craving for berbuka.

I want to eat cakoi. I hope you know what I'm talking about. Cakoi - those soft long fried bread-ish sticks that's amazingly pleasant when eaten panas panas. And cicah with kaya.
Fortunately I am going to balik kampung this weekend, and they have the best cakoi there!! I can't wait.


Seri Muka

It's fasting month once again, and as always I start to get huge cravings for seri muka for buka puasa. I've always been a fan of the seri muka, and I really think it fits perfectly during buka puasa. The combination of pulut and topping yg manis (never really knew what they're made of) is soothing and pleasant to my tastebuds.

My friend says that its weird, craving for seri muka. Whatever.

Unfortunately, finding the best seri muka is such a big challenge. There's like a million people selling seri muka at the Pasar Ramadan, and they all look nice. But I'd say only a handful could pass as decent while the rest prove to be complete letdowns. There's no one and truly perfect seri muka, not yet at least.

My quest now is to find the best seri muka in KL. Any ideas where to find such a thing?