I'm doing my taxes right now, and I just realised that I'll end up paying a huge sum of money (by my poor standards) to the government who'll eventually just fuck me all over and use that money to buy votes. And I can't do anything about it. Well, actually I can but that's another story for another day.
At least I know why I'm paying too much and I've learned my lesson. It's just unfortunate that I learnt the lesson a tad too late, and I have to (literally) pay for it.

I've decided that if someone would ever play me in a film, it would be John Cusack. He's cool in my books.



How does it feel to think that you're important, significant, crucial relative to others, only to find out that you're just as dispensable as the rest? Quite depressing, I guess.
Being more important than the next person implies that you're better than him, and being better than others makes you feel good. Your ego is boosted tremendously and a sudden surge of confidence flows through you.
However, you come crashing back down to Earth when you discover that, really, you're not that special after all.


How is allocating money (that you suddenly have) for an urgent road paving job weeks before an election not considered vote buying?
How do expect the opposition (who has significantly less financial resources than you do) to compete with that?

I may be shallow, but even I know that this is just a load of bollocks.


Dewan Negara

I couldn't stop laughing when I read that the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department had to actually defend the Perodua Kelisa, defiantly insisting that it is indeed a quality car, in the Dewan Rakyat, no less. All of this nonsense was in reply to an innocuous (to me, at least) comment by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame, who commented that "This (the Perodua Kelisa) is without doubt the worst car, not just in its category but in the world".
He (Deputy Minister) then added that Clarkson was a magazine columnist who not only criticised Kelisa but also other established cars such as the Lamborghini.

Dude. Chill la. Lepak aa, brader.
Typical of how of "leaders" totally over-react to something completely insignificant.
Can't we just laugh at ourselves, for once?


NY Resolution Review

I'm definitely missing the F1 in Sepang this year. Another New Year's resolution goes unaccomplished.
I knew I won't be able to make it to the race this year, so that was why I went to the test sessions instead. It was scorching hot and unbelievably loud when I went there (2nd day of the test session), and quite honestly it was a bit boring. But I had fun though, acting like the super geek that I am, TIMING every bloody lap Kubica, Kimi & Hamilton did, using my good old analogue watch that didn't even have a timer function.

Anyways, looking back at my 2007 resolution, I think overall, I'm not doing THAT bad.
Some have been accomplished, while there's also a few that don't even look like they'll be attempted, never mind being completed.
But hey, there's still another 9 months to go.