RTM 1 is pathetic.

Mereka berkonspirasi!!
Berlainan parti, satu identiti!!

What the hell.
It's nothing more than a glorified government propaganda.

Anyway, selamat mengundi.



I still struggle to understand the concept of a reverse takeover.
Maybe I'm just slow.


The very the

My fiancee is mad, but in cheeky kind of way.
That's why I love her.


Mighty morphing plastic voters

I read an interview with the EC Secretary in the Sunday Times.
He was asked a range of questions about the upcoming election, i.e. voter registration, indelible ink, etc.

The interviewer then questioned him about allegations of phantom voters in a few voting areas.
He vehemently denied such allegations. And to prove his point, he gave an example.

EC Secretary
In Pengkalan Pasir, there was even a claim that people could transform themselves into little plastic men and go through small holes to vote. That's what PAS claimed.

Did you investigate it?


Damn, that's bloody hilarious. I'm not sure how the NST bloke can keep a straight face when he asked that question.

Plus, if I can transform myself into a little plastic man, I wouldn't waste my time to cheat votes. There are so many other evil stuff I can do.

PAS surely can't be serious. Come on. We know they're all spiritual and stuff (I wanted to use shit instead of stuff but I'm afraid some idiot would say I said PAS is shit), but this is too ridiculous.

Hey.. maybe these little morphing plastic voters can be on Who Wants To Be A Superhero; by far the most bizzare and stupid reality show ever.


Rafa has to go

Rafa Benitez should start packing his bags already. He'll be lucky to survive until the end of the season.
I'm expecting Uncle Rafa to get the sack if we don't qualify for Champions League next season.
His over complicated formations and tactics, coupled with his ever-present stubbornness to not start Abang Crouch has led to his downfall.
Sorry, but we're now so far away from the top 3 it's beyond embarrassing. Definitely among the worst performances, reminiscent of the time when Houllier lost the plot.
But at least Sissoko's gone. For 8 million pounds - that's a GREAT deal!!!

On another note, Kedah are still kicking arse this year. Belasah orang home and away!

Orang Tua Terasa

It's weird that the older you get, the quicker you terasa.
Even innocuous, harmless things people say or do will upset you.
The mood swing then kicks in, although you know that it's ridiculous to get upset over simple & trivial things.

That's why I don't like to write about personal things in my blog.
I don't enjoy reading posts that are a bit too emotional either.
It gets too personal & more often than not it will upset you.
The reaction after reading one of these emo posts would either be "I don't want to know this" or "I only found this out through the Internet?".
Neither is good.

New Year Post 2

It's been 36 days into the new year and only now I'm putting up a new post!
That's disgraceful, shocking! - for such a dedicated and committed blogger such as my good self. I apologise to all the readers who've been eagerly waiting (seriously, ada ke readers pun?) for my next profound, brilliant, intelligent, smart, witty entry. I have disappointed you.

Yeah, right.

New Year Post

It's difficult to figure out what to say when you're in a fucked up situation.

It was me. She was a "personal friend".
Good try Chua Soi Lek. You're still sacked. Don't think admitting you made a mistake is "noble" and shit. That was the only thing you CAN do without totally losing your dignity (which you now have very little). And hoping that you'll be forgiven is just wishful thinking, uncle. People do have a holier-than-thou attitude. Plus, you're fucking old. It's disgusting.

He sounds like me, talks like me, looks like me but I can't say if he's me.
Classic weasel talk. This is bullshit. It doesn't make any sense at all.
Are you joking, Lingam? What the hell have you been smoking? You should have said "It was me. HE was a "personal friend"", minus the DVD, I hope.