Can anyone please tell me what the bloody hell is happening in the most scandalous Malay drama ever, Ezora??

I'm confused. It's full of sick, incest relationships but somehow I still follow the series.


Parental Control

I feel like I've dropped a gazillion IQ points after spending one whole day watching Parental Control on Channel V.

I need to read a few issues of the Economist to compensate for this.


Zaman dulu2

I miss the good old days;
when the local kedai roti canai would play wrestling videos (it didn't matter if the PPV event was 6 months too late) all day long.
The pakciks at the kedai would then provide their own colourful commentaries, most of which were rather funny, in an innocent, orang tua way.

Pukul pakai kerusi!! Hantam kepala!!
Budak ni dah tak larat dah, mesti kalah punya...
Aku dah agak dia ni memang jahat, panggil member tolong belasah...

The pakciks didn't mind coming everyday to watch the same video. They had fun.
The roti canai and teh tarik was always good, not to mention cheap.

Watching wrestling was fun.

On another note, visit Bumi Semua Manusia for some insightful political commentaries, much better than this site. And definitely not a single mention of the word CUNT.



I know I'm not supposed to judge people, but I just hate the sight of YB Loh Gwo Burne.
I mean, all he did was snap a few photos of Lingam and now he's a bloody MP.
He's spent half his life overseas and can barely speak Malay.

Now he gets punched in the face.



The Spirit of Sharing

Mrs. Todek wanted to know if she could co-write on my blog.

Should I allow it?

It'll be interesting... or not.

I already said yes! But when she asked for confirmation, I stepped back and said I'd think about it.

I should just let her, shouldn't I?! After all, that's what good loving husbands do * yeah right*

So guys, watch out for Mrs. Todek! It'll be pretty obvious. You'll see.


What the?

I was watching TV3 the other day, and there was a feature on nasi kangkang.


Hmm... nasi kangkang.
Nasi kangkang is a funny word.

Anyway... what's up with everyone having anal sex nowadays?
Flavour of the week, eh?

Nasi Kangkang!