You noticed?

Today it suddenly struck me that Proton cars have curiously similar features as an Alfa Romeo. Maybe you've noticed, or maybe you haven't but I actually spent some time looking around at Protons today and made an analysis (ah, analysis - what an engineering word) comparing our beloved national car with arguably the sexiest cars ever.
So here's the similarities I managed to come up with:

1. This is quite obvious: Front grille of the Perdana looks exactly like the front of any Alfa.
2. The wheels/rims of the Gen2 looks very close to the trademark "telephone dial" wheels of the old 146.
3. Savvy has AMT which is a variation of Alfa's Selespeed transmission.
4. Alfa traditionally has poor reliability, same goes for dear 'ol Proton.

I'll hazard a guess: Proton design engineers are secret Alfa lovers.

I love Alfas. How can you not? Just look at the new Brera. I'll splash my cash just by looking at it.


Does it look alright?

Does this site look alright in Internet Explorer? I usually use Firefox, but today I opened the blog through Explorer and it looked messed up. Damn Microsoft.

On another note, isn't it just annoying when the car behind (or in front of , I guess) you has one headlight that beams "higher" than the other? That irritates me. A lot.



You must've heard of Da Vinci Code by now.
And you've probably read the book too.
So what do you think? Good, bad or just plain memesongkan akidah?

I guess the facts were stretched a bit (i.e false) but it sure as hell sounded pretty convincing. I'll give Dan Brown credit for that. But apart from these dodgy factual statements that pop up every now and then, the actual storyline is rather weak. To be honest, I started to lose interest reading it about 3/4 way through. Maybe it climaxed early? Haha you can't imagine how dodgy it feels just to write that last sentence!
I have a feeling that the movie would be good. They'll show lovely old architecture.
Not really sure about Tom Hanks as Langdon though. But the albino bloke is spot on! Exactly as I imagined!


Dumb Lyrics

I can't help but laugh everytime I hear this song, and I've heard it on the radio a few times already.
Does anyone know who sang this?
It goes more or less like...

I'm feeling kinda lonely
On top of that I feel kinda horny!

What? Really?



I'm totally smitten all over Missy Higgins. Damn.
Pekat nak mampos Aussie accent dia.


Random Question

Why isn't there any tampon ads on TV?
I was just wondering.



Sometimes, once in a while, I like to reminisce about the past.
I'd recall and look back a few years and remember all the bands I used to listen to back then.
For instance today, while I was driving around suddenly I had the urge to put in my Taking Back Sunday CD into the CD player. I didn't know where the urge came from, or how it came about, and before you know it TBS is playing loudly in the car stereo.
Reminds me of my emo days instantly. I would be embarrassed to even mention that I listen to TBS now, let alone play it on my stereo ever so loudly. But in a way, it did become the starting point of sorts for me to venture deeper into the whole genre of rock music.
As the CD player begins to play the last track, I begin to think about the other bands I listened to during this whole "emo" period. Names like Saves the Day and Dashboard Confessional come to mind. I'm pretty sure I've deleted all of my Saves the Day mp3s so there's no way of recovering that back, but I do have a DC CD. I'll probably listen to it sometime this week, while I'm still in the emo mood.


I'm totally smitten all over Cheryl. Damn.


Bedside Reading

I like to read before I sleep, 'cause it makes me sleepy real quick. And usually I have more than 3 reading materials at my bedside (or rather; mattress-side). A quick glance (ok, not exactly quick) reveals that I have the following items for my reading pleasure prior to my deep slumber.

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
The Importance of Being Ernest - Oscar Wilde
Italian in 3 Months
My First French Word Book
Modern Engine Tuning
March issue of F1 Racing magazine
Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age - Duncan Watts
Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby
Production Operations
February issue of Stuff magazine

That's pretty random, innit? Except for Hornby, I like Hornby.



Let's start off by acknowledging that I'm BLOODY hungry right now.
All I had for dinner was Cintan Perisa Itik. Have you ever tried Cintan Perisa Itik? It's yummy. I always had the impression that ducks are "liat" for some reason, don't ask why.

Anyways, if you plan to watch the Malay movie Gubra, then I recommend you change your plans to something else. Like feed some ducks or watch paint dry (oh so cliche!). I wasted 10 bucks and more importantly 2 hours of my life (oh so nearly another cliche!) by watching this overly dramatic, masyarakat muhibbah berbilang kaum bullshit. I have a few issues with this movie, each of which will be elaborated in the following paragraphs (read with a very formal tone, please).

So I read somewhere that this isn't a sequel to the previous movie Sepet (which I enjoyed). Instead its a story that has characters from the previous movie but in a different timeline. Oh okay.
Hey wait a minute, if that is not the EXACT definition of a sequel, then what is? If it had the characters from the previous movie AND had the same timeline, then it would've been the same bloody movie, wouldn't it? It's confusing for simple folk like me, all this.
Okay, this really should be blamed on the article's writer instead of the movie itself. So fuck you article writer who felt the need to defend this dumb movie by saying its not a sequel when it really is because it has the exact same people in the movie as the first movie.

The movie is excruciatingly SLOW. Should the viewers see the dude walking to the surau, switching on the lights DOWNSTAIRS, then slowly climbs up the stairs, struggle to find the key, opening the door and finally switching the lights UPSTAIRS. The whole scene probably took close to 5 minutes (okay.. maybe 2) and I didn't think that it would've mattered much if we just saw the dude already in the surau. And there were other scenes that I think were supposed to add "dramatic artsy effects" that were just so so slow it annoyed the hell outta me.

Did the Chinese dude just stopped short of saying that he had a BIG BLACK DICK?

Is justifiable to cheat on your wife when your wife goes around touching another dude's naked chest in front of public toilets?

I'm hungry. I can't think more. I'll continue later.


You're Beautiful

I swear if I hear that song one more time, I'll kill myself.
Is it just me or this James Blunt bloke is getting really really annoying. To me, it's more close to "I wanna bash you up" kinda annoying, you know, the same exact feeling towards the idiot who constantly tailgates you.
What's this dude problem really? He goes on and on and on about his lost "love", writes very weak, pathetic, cliched songs and I kinda have a bit of an issue with his voice as well.
I guess what pisses me off the most that he potrays himself as this lonely loser guy but in reality he's dating super hot models. What the..? Is he faking the lonely broken hearted thing to get some chicks?
To borrow a line from the movie Lucky Number Slevin:
How do you justify being lonely and dating hot models?