It's 70 bucks now

If you care about oil prices, you'd probably know that it's about US $70 per barrel right now. That's pretty fucking expensive since the price was only around US $30 a little over a year ago.
Which means you'll have to pay more for petrol. And that sucks. But why do we always complain as if we're paying like a million times more than the old price although in reality it's more like a 10 - 20% hike. I guess we just like to complain rather than getting to know how the oil & gas industry works. It's a bit more complicated than just drilling for oil and then selling it.
Well anyways, Selamat Merdeka. If that means anything. I'm a bit irritated at the minister bloke who's annoyed that people aren't putting the flag on their cars. Fuck you. I'll put my flags wherever I want, thank you.
So it's yet another public holiday and to me that translates to another day of lepaking in front of the TV. I'll watch whatever's on. Even Malay dramas. The stories may not change since the 1900s but at least the chicks are getting nicer.


Aku Penghibur

I used to think that I'd get a BMW when I have the money. But now I'm not so sure. I'm heavily leaning towards Alfas now, for some unknown reason. Maybe its because it has more character and a hell lot sexier than any German made vehicle. Plus, I'd think an Alfa will pull more chicks than a BMW. I guess different cars have different appeals and express or invoke different emotions. Maybe I'll try and explain it through the use of football players.

An Alfa for example is like Paolo Di Canio or Jay Jay Okocha, full of flair and passion but does not quite reach the absolute top. And prone to be inconsistent once in a while. But surely breathtaking, stunningly sublime and capable of the spectacular. An Audi on the other hand seems like a Steven Gerrard or Gatusso kind of player. Full of drive, aggression and efficiency, with the odd deft touch. They're reliable and to an extent ruthless, not to mention single minded. A BMW is probably like Bergkamp/Sheringham or Tugay/Alonso. All classy, effortless, full of guile and quick thinking.


Rolls Royce RB211

Did you know that Rolls Royce don't really make cars anymore? Well, they don't make money making cars. But they bloody hell do make money making gas turbines!
I had the chance to have a closer look at not one; but two (!) Rolls Royce gas turbines last week. The RB 211 is hugely impressive, not to mention its enormous size. There's so many tubing that flows lube oil, fuel gas, air etc. I gave up tracing the each line early on when I got stuck at a point where they were too many tubes intersecting. I got lost there. I'm not sure how much power it produces but I think I overhead someone mention 30000. I may be wrong, but it does kinda make sense.
The other engine was the KB7, which is a smaller capacity engine compared to the RB211. The tubing/piping system isn't as complicated and where each tubes starts and ends its relatively easy to locate. They were doing detergent wash while I was there, so I stayed around to see they wash the thing. Its quite cool, really. And you can see how dirty the engine is when its being rinsed off.
The control system of both systems are quite elaborate, using heaps of controller cards and stuff like that which takes me forever to really understand.
Gas turbines are bloody cool, bro



Why is this called italic?

Do you know how to weld? I wish I can weld (properly). I've been hooked on Monster Garage lately cause its bloody addictive. It gives me the urge to weld some metal together, maybe cut some stuff up, bend tubes, tear down my car, put on air bag suspension, install a V-drive, shape some sheet metal, weld brackets, remove engines, burn things, drill holes, fabricate mountings, buy actuators, install actuators, build a chopper, paint some cars, install a rollcage & pimp my ride. And that's only Season 1, dawggg. Snoop Dogg. Before he joined boybands.



Where can I get some help around here?
Yes, sir. How can I help you.
Well. Firstly, fuck you for being bloody late attending me. And second of all, do you have that guy's new CD?
Which guy?
Ahh, the shaven head one. The girls like him. He's skinny. He's into drugs, I guess.
Jamal Abdillah? Yeah, that dudes cool with the ladies. And some guys too, bro. Been in and out of jail but still DA MAN!
Right on. But he's not the dude who's CD I'm looking for dude.
Why not?
Then? Who the hell you looking for?
CD, Asshole.
Well, we do have this new guy from that Malay show Akademi Fantasia.
Mawi? World yo yo yo, fuck yeah.
Yes that's what I was looking for. I like.
Wanker? No. That dude in the Celcom ad is a wanker.
Which bloke dude mate?
This bigass huge motherfucker. Shaven head. Wears nice looking designer shirt with the top button unbottoned.
Top button unbottoned. Sounds weird dude-bro.
You know the ad where he scrolls across the screen with that dumb retarded smile thinking he DA MAN!
Jamal is DA MAN! Not this wanker dude-bro, eh?
No-siree bob.
Yeah I know that bigass m/f. Fuck him.
Yeah fuck him.
No, I mean fuck him.
You go and fuck him.
In the arse.
Where's my CD?
In the arse. Make sure it's done, bro.


Updates of sorts

So here's some more info on Nik's wedding. Read the special message below.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Kawan-kawan yang dirindui sekalian,

Insya Allah pada 20 Ogos 2005 ini saya, Nik
Syahrim bin Nik Anwar akan diijabkabulkan dengan
Nur Shahida binti Tajudin. Majlis akan berlangsung
di Kulim, Kedah (Sabtu, 20.08) dan di Kota Bharu
(Sabtu, 27.08).
Dengan sukacita dan hormatnya saya menjemput
kawan-kawan sekalian ke majlis ini.
Sila berikan alamat anda ataupun emel supaya kad
jemputan boleh disampaikan.
Semoga dengan kehadiran anda semua akan
mengembalikan kenangan manis kita di kolej dulu,
disamping mengeratkan lagi persaudaraan kita.

Sehingga bertemu di sana;

Yang benar;
Nik Syahrim bin Nik Anwar
Ahmad House 9498
University of Applied Science Heilbronn
email: niksyahrim@hotmail.com
Tel: +49179 792 4555 (Deutschland)
: 013-9008304 (Malaysia, hanya selepas 27.July 05!)

Ok that's done.

Whatever you plan to do this weekend, just don't go and watch Seven Swords. It's really really fucking stupid. And its nearly 2 1/2 hours long. That's bloody long for a stupid movie. But if you insist, for whatever reason I'll give you a bit of a summary of the good bits. And there's not a lot of them.

This movie has a lot of horny old school Ming Dynasty Kung Fu practising farmers. This one dude just can't keep his dick in his pants and tries to screw around with his girlfriend inside the bangsal. Girl says "Me no love you". Bloke gets all emo and starts becoming mentally unstable. Do we really need this scene in the movie? I bet it was put as filler material to make it longer.

There's another horny bloke who looks the same as the first horny bloke who; after a hard fought battle, takes home a Korean girl back to his place (as a souvenir, I guess). After some pretty freaky and quite strange foreplay, they finally get it on in a cave. But we don't get to see the "getting on" but after the rape style foreplays I think it was for the good of everyone that they cut that scene off. The movie is long enough already.

But its not all sex in this movie. There's sword fighting scenes as well. After all, it is (supposedly) based on a legendary Chinese warrior tale of some sort. So we get fight scenes, where the 7 swordsmen can kill off a million bad guys. Yes, they're that good. But the movie drags on and on and gets longer because these blokes need a bit of time to beat the hell out of 1,000,000 pathetic low rank guards. At the end of the day, we get a lot of dead Chinese people lying around.

In between the horniness and fights, theres a few parts that I really didn't get. I really could not make sense of any of these scenes. It seems like they were random ideas put in by the make-up person or tealady or whoever the fuck wants to put it in. There's a scene where they released some horses but then this one horse came running back, refusing the freedom given to it? There's another scene where they found a super special sword but we get to see a glimpse of it and that was the end of that story. All the good guys look the same and it gets bloody confusing to identify which one is which. And, oh did I mention that the movie is really long?

So in summary, this movie is perfect if you want to see some Chinese farmers living on the mountains, cause they look great. And goats too. They keep a lot of goats on the mountains.