Wedding bells or in this case, kompangs.

Two more of my buddies are getting married soon. Don't have the exact details but will post it later. Anyways, congratulations to Nik Syahrim, Asmadib and a special belated ....congrats/good luck dude to Nawal Ghazali.
God bless you all. And remember, premature is for losers. So try to hold it a bit longer.



The posts are becoming rather sporadic lately, eh?
Well.... sporadic schmoradic. It's my bloody blog. Ehhhh.

The theme this time is sports,eh.
So to recap whats been happening lately. Gerrard finally made up his mind and stays at Anfield, resisting the temptations of some Russian money and the bright lights of London.
The British & Irish Lions were pathetic in their tour of New Zealand. 0 for 3 as the Yanks would say.
BMW has bought over Sauber racing and this'll lead to a sudden increase in Sauber supporters come next year's race in Sepang.
There's nothing decent to watch on TV. What you get is extensive coverage of the World Pool Championship in Taiwan. Wow. Like, fun eh? Right. Come to think of it, any sport that involves hitting a ball with a stick is kinda retarded and boring as hell.
That's all I know about sports.

I'd say something about some good bands to listen to, but I haven't been music-ing much lately. I need my fucking groove back, baby.