As heard on Jay Leno:

Jay : So Bill, what do you think of President Obama's new economy stimulus package?

Bill : Oh.. that's a really big "PACKAGE"................... for a black guy.


Anal people annoy me. Especially when they're being pedantic and sceptical over good, honest causes.

On the boycott of Israeli and American products - they say "Oh, so let's see how we survive without Microsoft, how about the local Coca-Cola workers, everything we use in our daily life is somehow linked to the US".

On the "Buy Malaysian" campaign - they say "How do we REALLY classify a product local?, local products need to compete with imported goods to maintain quality"

Sure, these are relevant and valid queries, but the imperious manner in which they were raised makes me feel like slapping these assfucks real hard.

If you don't want to support these causes then just straight up say "I'm not supporting all this" rather than taking a coward's stand - pretending to view the issue from a "practical" point of view, trying to give the impression that you care but it would be "difficult to achieve". 




If you've ever been up and down the North South Highway, you've surely seen a few Bosch billboards along the way. And to me, the intent of having a huge cordless drill ad on the side of the road is quite puzzling.

Who were the people Bosch targetting with this billboard campaign?

I mean, sure, of the millions that use the highway, there must be a certain percentage of people who, upon seeing the billboard, go - "Hmm, a cordless drill.... that's exactly what I want. I'll get a Bosch then". 

But really, the probability would be something around one in a million. 

Malaysians aren't DIY people. Drills, hammers or saws are not even on of the average citizen's shopping list.

Wouldn't a billboard ad (which I presume would cost a lot) be more effective in promoting something that is more appealing to the public. Say, mobile phones, fast food or cars?

I just think spending a lot of money for drill billboard ads to an indifferent market is a waste of money.

Then again, I don't work for Bosch..... so what the hell do I know.


Ipoh mali talak sombong, lor

If I were the Sultan of Perak, I'd be murka as fuck.
How dare these assclowns memporak-perandakan my kick-arse birthday party?

Now I have to deal with a bunch of impatient, Najib-led, ethically-questionable idiots trying to seize power in my own state AND also manage a group of puppet-led, racist fucktards frantically defending whatever's left of their "loose coalition".

What the hell?
All I wanted was a nice birthday party..... and maybe a karaoke session too.

Anyway, those losers pretending to be Liverpool "players" lost again, this time in the FA Cup. It made all my efforts to stay awake at bloody 4 am so utterly useless and a complete waste of time.

The only thing that made me feel better was this brilliant Metal-infested minute-by-minute match report.