KERS and ugly rear wings

Questions I'll probably ask Nick & Robert:

Do you like the car with or without KERS?

This season's cars have ugly rear wings. Do you agree? Thankfully BMW's are so bad.

How was your off-season?

Have you guys started 2009's poker season yet?


Lists - It's a guy thing

You have to admit that KJ is smart. Dodgy and muka tak malu, but smart. You can't deny that. He has a great appeal that Mat Rempit-minded losers admire, which is puzzling since dude's got a Cambridge degree. And your average Mat Rempit doesn't have a cluse where Cambridge is, unless it's a Datuk Mat Rempit - educated sikit. He should appeal to the nation's brightest and smartest but strangely this is not the case. I'll hazard a guess that his obnoxiousness puts people off. Except for Mat Rempits, of course.

Anyway, I don't really care about politics, so lets move on to other things that matter. To me.

I've recently joined the Facebook apps bandwagon and made a list.
A pretentious list of "most important albums in my life".
Each album has a sentimental, nostalgic tale behind it.

Dookie - Green Day
I once quoted a line from a song from Dookie (I don't remember what song) in one of my juvenile cinta monyet love letters. I thought it was cool.

Razorblade Suitcase - Bush
The album that taught me the meaning of "grows on you". I hated the first 10 times listening but after that I couldn't stop. This was in Form 4, and the tape (!) was not even mine. 

Melon Collie & the Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins
The only album that I bought twice. This album introduced me to the Smashing Pumpkins, and they were my first "band" T-shirt.

Mark, Tom & Travis show (Enema Strikes Back) - Blink 182
I bought a pirated copy at a pasar malam, though I can't recall where. The toilet jokes were funny, in a self-deprecating way.... and I loved it. This was the start of my pathetic "pop-punk" period. What made it more pathetic was the fact I was a second year Uni student at that time. Oh, well.

Without You I'm Nothing - Placebo
Was blown away by Appleyard's part in Sorry, which had "Every Me, Every You" playing in the background. Bought the album out of curiosity and instantly loved it. This eventually led to me attending a Placebo concert, which I still rate as my best concert experience ever.


I can't believe you've never heard of Gmail!

Raja Lawak
Eh, Tordon. Kau hantar email gmail ni ke?

MJ Tordon

Raja Lawak
Oh. Aku selalu dapat banyak email gmail gmail ni, ntah sapa-sapa hantar. Tapi aku dapat je terus delete. Tak pernah bukak.

MJ Tordon

Raja Lawak
Aku ingatkan Gmail tu...... Gay Mail. Aku takut.


Dossena scores - 2 games in a row!

Saw this sticker on a Kancil.....


But then on the back seat there was a "McGraw Hill - Data & Communication Networking" textbook.


Pasar Malam

I like the idea of going to the pasar malam. I get excited by the prospect of having an unlimited amount of food to choose from. 

Unfortunately, when I actual get to the pasar malam, I get suffocated by the number of people there, especially the ones who walk annoyingly slow and hold up the line. And that spoils the whole experience.