Guilty Pleasures

I am now listening to Gin Blossoms! One of the best guilty pleasures ever. How can "'Till I hear it from you" not remind you of Empire Records? Its so '90s.


Well, here's an observation to ponder upon:

The more you promote things to me, the more unappealing it becomes. In short, the best way to sell me stuff is by not telling me about it. Weird? It works for me.

Digi has ads everywhere. I can't read a newspaper without coming across a Digi ad, nor can I watch TV without having to put up with a Digi ad. Digi always seem to have something that they'd like to promote - either cheap call rates, wide coverage, colourful SMS, funky ringtones, whatever. They even had people dress up as yellow aliens for God's sake, all in the name of marketing. To me, it's overkill and really bloody annoying. They try too hard.
Thats why I use Maxis. They don't try to shove everything right up my arse.

Another example would be Toyota and Honda ads. While not as annoying as Digi, they tend to appear in the papers quite a lot too. In any case, the ads are usually dull and uninteresting, and most irritating is that sometimes they don't even promote the car at all, advertising the fact that you get 1.7652% (or something like that) interest rate instead. What the fuck? Again, trying a bit too hard.
That's why I'd probably buy a Mazda. Still Japanese, but they don't seem as desperate.

Sounds kinda stupid, but apparently I choose services and purchase products out of spite.
Bodoh jugak la sebenarnya.



This blog has been around for over 2 years!! Wow. Probably one of my longest commitments, ever!
And to commemorate my 2 year anniversary, I decided to go through and re-read all of my posts, starting with the very first one, dated 19/3/05.

The early posts were embarrassingly juvenile. Thankfully, it improved and became a bit more intelligent and mature over time. And (I think) it became genuinely hilarious too. I particularly am proud of my "dialogue" sessions that occasionally appeared in my blog. I really think that those posts were quite good, if not excellent. Haha.

Anyways, I've also realised that my recent posts aren't anywhere as good or even funny as my previous ones. Maybe it's because I don't watch a lot of TV anymore (most of my posts are based on my experiences watching TV) or maybe I've become a dull person suddenly or maybe I just don't think enough nowadays, I don't know. And the thought of that is quite disturbing, really.

No one knew where the line Here's looking at you, kid is taken from.
I'd still like to have Fell in Love with a Girl played.


A Sports Update

Formula 1 season is back. Kimi won the race in Melbourne on his Ferrari debut, and Hamilton impressed with an excellent podium finish. As for my BMWs, Heidfeld did well to get 4th, although I expected at least third, while Kubica was unlucky to retire early.
And apparently Singapore wants a race too. Fuck off. No way. Just imagine how it would affect the crowd turnout in Sepang if this goes ahead.

Liverpool, despite being in the quarter finals of the Champions League, look very ordinary lately. The last match against Aston Villa was absolutely dreadful. Need to improve, lads.

Malaysia's Olympic team were beaten at home by Japan, as expected. Never really thought we'd win, but I stayed on and watched the game until the end, enduring the frustratingly inconsistent showing by our boys. But at least our solitary goal was well taken.

And my third football team, Kedah, is doing really well in both the league and Malaysia Cup competitions. I really rate this team highly and what's more impressive is the fact that they have so many youngsters playing.

Didn't really have the chance to watch the Six Nations properly. So, no comment.

Ditto for the cricket. Apparently Astro is charging a fortune to subscribe to the Pay per Views. Damn.


To be or Not to be

A wise person once told me this:

It's one thing to be gay, but it's another thing to APPEAR to be gay.

I still think about these words occasionally, wondering what exactly does it mean.
It sounds very obvious, but in fact, I think its quite deep, really.
Hmm.. very intriguing, this.

More worryingly, of course, is the fact that it was subtly pointed (I think) at me.
But let's not talk about that.



Why do people in epic warrior gladiator movies (Gladiator, Troy) or fantasy films (Lord of the Rings) ALWAYS have British accents?


I hate it when I'm unwell. I'm miserable, self-conscious and weak.
And I become impatient when I'm ill. I resort to overdosing my meds in the hope of getting better quickly.

That's not good.


Top Ten Reasons Why I’m NOT a Good Catch

And here's my self-deprecating list of why I'm such a horrible catch.

1. I'm not a "people" person

2. I hate overly friendly strangers

3. I don't know how to play pool

4. I take the piss of everything

5. I swear

6. I'm moody

7. I mock people

8. I don't eat my veggies (and utterly despise any form of salad)

9. Sometimes, I read gossip magazines (My sister's, I swear!)

10. I know next to nothing about computers, gadgets, gizmos, cars, etc.


Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons Why I'm a Good Catch

I thought I might just get away with this very tongue-in-cheek list. But just in case I don’t, I think I’ve practiced my stony, emotionless expression well enough to face the endless (future) mocking by my mates. I’m well prepared.

So, here it goes…

1. I’m a decent looking, well mannered, soft spoken, respectful bloke.

2. I have a cynical sense of humour.

3. I’m cheeky.

4. I take the piss of everything

5. I have an impeccable taste in music.

6. I’m never drunk.

7. I know a LOT about sports. A self proclaimed expert, as a matter of fact

8. I read.

9. I like shopping.

10. I like ikan keli and seri muka (believe me, this IS a legitimate reason!)