Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin to everyone. I'm taking a long break starting tomorrow. Invite me to your open house.

And by the way, what the hell is a tag???
I'm kinda dumb. Looks like some crap I used to get in Friendster.

But anyways, Ayie.. I'll take that as a compliment.


Hey hey it's Palace today

Well, well, well.
Comments are coming in ever so frequently nowadays. I probably need a better comment box than the standard issue one Blogger gives me. Which one's good?

Speaking of car stickers, I still say that Tuned by Razo is the most chav (or is it chavest?) of all.
Other notable mentions include:

New Zealand All Blacks; complete with the fern leaf and all.
West, placed across the top of the front windscreen
Blues Selamanya
Decals on the side, on a Proton Iswara.
Vodafone (?).
Type-R, Nismo, Ralliart on Kancils.
Hitz.fm car sticker (obviously a yuppie)
Transformers logo (it was cool for a while until everyone and their cousins had them)
Official Mafia's Car

Any more?


2-0 away is just too depressing

I contemplated buying a car sticker that says...

If you tailgate, I'll brake.

But then I realised that probably most of these "Tuned by Razo"-driving idiots wouldn't have a clue what tailgating is.
They'll read the sticker and go...

(Works best when read in a Kelantan accent)

Tailgate? Gapo dio tuh?
Ekor pagar? Dok pahe.
Bodo binate beruk babi nih.


Kewell's back!

Yes. Harry Kewell's back, folks. The answer to our prayers, the saviour, the ammunition supplier for beanpole Crouch!! Well, at least that's what Uncle Rafa thinks. The level of optimism is a bit too high and to expect so much of our injury-friendly Aussie mate is rather naive. 10 bucks says that Kewell would probably have an average game at best on his "comeback" game. You just don't pick up form right after a few months layoff.


Ok, I'm glad that my compulsary swearing is done with already.
Let's read a story now, eh?

I was somewhere in an industrial area near Bukit Kemuning (it's in the middle of nowhere-town) for the past week on a working assignment. I was there with an older colleague (he's twice my age & has a few children, I suppose) of mine to supervise a repair job. So one day we decided to take off early, since we got bored of watching dudes welding and grinding metals from early morning. Older guy (OG) wants to go home but I wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid. Problem is, I didn't know how to get the hell out of the place to go to Pyramid.

The OG then offered some help.
"Kau ikut aku balik rumah dulu, nanti sampai rumah aku suruh anak aku tunjuk jalan nak gi Pyramid."
I agreed. He lives in Shah Alam, so at least I'm on the right track already.

So we went to his house.
He invited me in, and I entered and sat in the living room.
OG disappears for a while. Probably went to tell his kid to "tunjuk jalan nak gi Pyramid" to me. And at this point I feel kinda silly. I need a kid to tell me how to get to Pyramid? Damn, kid must think I'm a loser.

Anyways, OG re-appeared in the living room and had some news for me.
"Kau bawak je la anak aku jalan jalan kat sana tu. Diorang tengah siap tu. The eldest and my 12 year old"
Fucking hell. Aku kena bawak anak mamat ni gi Pyramid? Ahh.. belasah je la.
Of course I said yes. I didn't want to be rude. Especially to an old man.

"Ok la."
So I waited in the car outside for these 2 kids to come out and join me to Pyramid.
And then when they finally show up, I was surprised..
Turns out that the OG's eldest is one hot 18 year old girl. I mean, really HOT. Next to her is the 12 year old kid brother.

The trip to and back from Sunway Pyramid was rather awkward.
There's silence. Then I ask "Kiri ke kanan?". The she answers "Kiri (or kanan)". Then silence again.
I didn't want to ask too much about her fearing a) she'd tell her father I was hitting on her or b) she'd think I'm a creepy old dude or c) the 12 year old brother would report that I was hitting on the sister or d) OG would probably kill me.

I ended up asking these instead.
"Kat roundabout ni masuk mana?"
"Lalu highway ke ni?"
"Kiri ke kanan?"


Hungry & TV

I'm bloody hungry. I watch TV all day. Even when there's nothing good on.
And that Lindsay Lohan chick's song - I wanna come first sounds way too dodgy to me.
She wants to come first?

yeah, baby.


Selamat Puasa

Selamat Puasa to everyone.
I'll be updating the blog probably right after sahur everyday (or on the days that I wake up in time).