A whole lot of them.
I reckon I had nearly 10 durians this evening. Of course, I didn't enjoy the fragrant smell and sweet, lovely, lemak-y taste of the durian alone. I had a few mates around.
We started the feast near Maghrib time, after work & after my now-compulsory 5 minute jog. Haha. 5 minute jog? That's as useless as a 5 minute futsal session.
But anyways, we had about 7 bijik durian by Maghrib. I was full but had to force a few more in just to not "membazir". Most of the durians were super sweet and perfect. Or as I'd like to put it, "sedap gila babi". We started off like some hungry durian crazy bastards, opening them by the minute. Then after the 4th one, everyone slowed down but still didn't want to stop. We were obviously getting full but yet were not willing to take it easy on the durians.
"Try satu lagi.."
And so we did. In fact we had 3 more.
I felt sleepy afterwards and had a nap. When I woke up, they wer just starting another durian session. Whoa.. I woke up at the right time, lucky. I had a few more.
And then came the pening. Seriously its so bad that I couldn't open my eyes. I'm even feeling a little bit migraine-ish typing this post. I want to go to bed.


I'm back!

Yeah, I'm back blogging. I had a little hiatus a while ago due to several reasons (more like excuses) including work commitments, lack of interest, laziness & unavailability of Internet access. But hey, I don't need to justify why I don't blog!
Pejam celik, its already halfway through the year. And I've been working for a bit more than one year now. I can't exactly say how much experience I've gained over the past 12 months but I'd like to think that I've learned bits and pieces of a lot of things. I better. I've always been a rather slow starter-late blossomer (if thats a word) and that's why only now, after one year I'm beginning to grasp and "get it". The first 12 months were like a blurry period for me. Struggling here and there trying to learn about everything. But now I'm more focused and I know what I'm doing. Which gives me a great deal of relief and a feeling of content. And that's good. No more being unsure of what to do, no more taking up unrealistically and "waste of time" tasks and shit like that anymore. I'll leave that to the next new guy coming in.
One thing I've learned is that you have to work smart in this type of office environment. By that I mean doing stuff that's worth it. Sure it sounds bloody obvious but you'd be surprised to see how many people get stuck doing the unnecessary stuff while ignoring what's really essential.
Okay, I'm beginning to sound very serious now. I think I better stop before this becomes a boring lecture on how to work smart.
What do I know? I'm just a new kid in this huge business. You'd be better off reading Dilbert (which by the way is only a click away from here.....see the column on your right? Yes? Click, click, click)



Am I still bitching about emo? God, that's soooo 2003. I better keep myself updated and whine about the "indie revival" quick.
It's been a week since the great comeback and I'm still buzzing. I bet those "neutrals" would start buying the new jersey soon and then claim to have "followed" the Reds through the not-so-bright times. Fickle fukkers.
Work is extremely stressful still and I have the paranoid feeling of being screwed, big time.
Haven't watched the new Star Wars movie and proud of it.
Looking forward to the Initial D movie though.
Long weekend coming up but undecided on what to do.