I’m glad that I’ve never had to resort to the typical blog cliché of posting lyrics. No offense, but I find that rather useless, as if posting the words to some sappy song (and it’s ALWAYS a sappy, semi-pathetic tune) would somehow enable readers to empathise. I find that preposterous. Yet, about a gazillion blogs that I’ve read had at one point or another resorted to the “let’s put the words to this James Blunt song, so everyone will understand how wretched I am now” approach in expressing their misery. And I guess that’s typical of anyone in a “jiwang” mode. Every single bloody sad tune would somehow relate to you.


Ladydin said...

That bad huh. I'm a little taken aback here. Some people dont usually have the same motive or objective in doing that. I did that once u know, and it was because the song i picked at that moment relates to how i feel at that point of time, and it's not necessarily wretched. Why, its the fastest way to write an entry because it's already written for you! Apt. I just dont agree that most ppl do that as a last resort to pull audience. But, your opinion is your opinion, like their's are their's. Right?

todek said...

I apologise if I've offended you, but I'm sticking to my opinions.
Let's just agree to differ.

Ladydin said...

Nah, im a bit hard to offend. but other readers might be. But ur right, lets just agree to differ. :-)