Fuelled by caffeine

Caffeine makes me hyper.
Disclaimer : This post may be emo. And incoherent.
That's because I'm hyper. I'm fuelled by caffeine, damn it!

I spent the last weekend eating a lot of food. With my buddy. Yes, you know who you are, my friend.
We even had a bloody expensive durian. But it was worth it. Isi merah!
I bought 22 DVDs but they were all stolen. Fuck!

And I watched 6 episodes of 24 back to back. Jack Bauer is THE MAN!
Watching too many episodes of 24 however will make you spew things like these:

Run a background check on that guy. He looks hostile.
I need you to check the schematics of this building.
Tell me where the god damn canisters are, NOW!!
Secure the North end, and make sure no one leaves the building.
Patch me through to the President!
Upload the real time satellite images to my PDA.

Jack Bauer is the greatest human being ever. Here's why.

Nicholas Angel from the film Hot Fuzz is a close second. Please, please, please watch it.


Cool, fool!

I always bump into strangers. This is a typical example.

Stranger : Eh.. Todek kan?

Me : (Blank) Ha’ah.

Stranger : Amacam sekarang? Ok?

Me : (Blank)

Stranger : Eh.. takkan tak ingat aku lagi Todek.

Me : (Blank)
: (With a forced smile) Hmm.. cam kenal, tgh confuse ni

Stranger : Ala Todek, buat buat tak kenal plak

Me : (Giving up trying to recall the dude’s name)
: Seriously, aku tak ingat la. Kau sape?

Stranger : (Visibly offended) Aku la. Kuswadinata (bukan nama sebenar)

Me : Ohh.. Kuswadinata. Sorry la, aku tak ingat sangat nama orang.

Stranger : Tapi aku ingat nama kau! (Even more pissed off)

Me : That’s because I’m cool, fool! Hahahahahaha!

Then I get smacked in the head.



Beyonce Malaysia


I tak seksi.

Azwan Ali is fucking gay.

Never mind the bollocks, (you know the rest)

I have the sudden urge to listen to the Sex Pistols.




My phone says "Emergency Only".

Being unreachable by your loved ones is a truly frustrating feeling. You're in despair and the hopelessness of it all is enough to kill your previously cheery mood, and turn you into a restless, agitated prick.

The most fucked up feeling:

Being ripped off and knowing it.

P/s: My entries have become increasingly emotional. I blame it on Liverpool's loss against Milan.