Cool, fool!

I always bump into strangers. This is a typical example.

Stranger : Eh.. Todek kan?

Me : (Blank) Ha’ah.

Stranger : Amacam sekarang? Ok?

Me : (Blank)

Stranger : Eh.. takkan tak ingat aku lagi Todek.

Me : (Blank)
: (With a forced smile) Hmm.. cam kenal, tgh confuse ni

Stranger : Ala Todek, buat buat tak kenal plak

Me : (Giving up trying to recall the dude’s name)
: Seriously, aku tak ingat la. Kau sape?

Stranger : (Visibly offended) Aku la. Kuswadinata (bukan nama sebenar)

Me : Ohh.. Kuswadinata. Sorry la, aku tak ingat sangat nama orang.

Stranger : Tapi aku ingat nama kau! (Even more pissed off)

Me : That’s because I’m cool, fool! Hahahahahaha!

Then I get smacked in the head.


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flawed heroine said...

ahahaha! FICTION!