3 in 6 minutes, baby!

The greatest match I've ever seen. We're were down and out by half time I thought, but those six crazy minutes, sparked off by Gerrard's header turned the game completely. Dudek's double save in extra time saved the game and from that moment on I knew we were destined to win. Luck? Hell no. It's fate.

European Cup count:
Liverpool : 5
Man Utd : 2
Arsenal : 0
Chelsea: 0

Eat that, wankers


How do you do doodle-doodle

You come to the office one fine Monday morning only to discover that you've been FUCKED in the ass big time. Of course not literally, although if your "office" happens to be a jail cell, then I guess you'd have to expect it.
... being fucked (metaphorically speaking) isn't a good thing.
But, someone has to get fucked. Unfortunately it's me.
So here I am, waiting for this imaginary dick to get out of my ass. That's another metaphor, kids.


My Weekend Tragedy

It's the weekend and I find myself browsing through my friends' Friendster profiles. It's depressing. Other people seem to have better lives. Gets all the girls. Have all the money.

My Weekend Tragedy
What a perfectly typical name for an emo band. Excellent. Wanna join? We'll play 3-4 chords repeatedly and produce something that could barely pass as a "riff" and then sing about how our Friendster profiles make us depressed. And we'll sing about the Friendster girl who didn't reply our message and broke our hearts. And we'll wear makeup and eyeliner and wear red ties and scream and do so many other punk stuff.
And then we'll "experiment" and try to become Duran Duran.


Return of the Smiths

Or Attack of the Jedis or whatever the hell the next Star Wars movie is.
Is it just me or is there anyone else who totally don't care about this. I don't need to see it on Opening day. Or Opening Week even. But somehow, being somewhat the popular culture conformist that I am, I'm probably going to see the movie sooner or later. Damn you, peer pressure.
One thing's for sure, I won't be the super-fan boy freak figurine collector loser, definitely (If I do, please shoot me...Thanks). Nor will I ever discuss/argue about Star Wars with anyone. Or read articles off the 'Net about "How Star Wars Changed the World". Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not my scene.
To me, it's just one of those things that you have to do; watch new Star Wars movie--check. Now move on to next on list. It's more of "let's get this out of the way" rather than "Whoaa... wanna check out how good dude turns to Black Metal Face?". It's like a Radiohead phase, you just have to have one but you don't necessarily have to agree that OK Computer is the best album ever. Get it?
So it'll be a couple more weeks before I get to know how the saga ends. Not really the end but you know what I mean right?


You'll Never Walk Alone

This may one full week late but I'll mention it nonetheless. We're in the bloody finals!
The only real high in a season full of lows. I just couldn't be bothered already where Liverpool finish in the league this season. Being fucked completely in the first half against Arsenal sums up how frustratingly inconsistent we are/were this season. Disappointing would be a huge understatement.

But who cares. We're in the bloody finals!
FA Cup? Premier League trophy? Who needs that?
We're in the bloody finals!


Why aa... don't believe aa?

We were at Zamir's wedding reception yesterday when suddenly Shaw asked a rather interesting question.
"Bila kau kahwin nanti, kau nak main lagu ape?"
To which I replied.
"Ntah la, nanti aku google. Nak search lagu yang best."
It was a pretty cool reply, I thought. At that time of course. Now it just seems a bit dumb. And so, another intriguing enquiry is left unanswered.

So what do you want played on your wedding?

I went back and actually gave some thought on this.
And I've decided that I want Fell in Love with a Girl by the White Stripes being played when I get married.