Do you know who Sam Micheal is?

He’s the Technical Director (or something equivalent) of the Williams F1 team. He’s probably around 30+. And more importantly, he’s a fellow UNSW graduate. A-ha!

While I’m not someone who usually harps about my alma mater (come to think of it, I usually AVOID talking about my schools), I still feel a bit proud that a fellow engineering graduate (albeit several years apart) managed to make it big in Formula One. This is an especially remarkable achievement considering that the F1 racing environment is so incredibly technical and exorbitantly demanding.

Well done, Sam. You’re my hero!

I guess it goes to show that we’re not THAT hopeless after all.

P/s: The new BMW F1.07 looks awesome, I'm sure there's heaps of subtle aero changes all over. Need a closer look to know for sure. The blue-white colour scheme is still the classiest in F1.

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