Ipoh mali talak sombong, lor

If I were the Sultan of Perak, I'd be murka as fuck.
How dare these assclowns memporak-perandakan my kick-arse birthday party?

Now I have to deal with a bunch of impatient, Najib-led, ethically-questionable idiots trying to seize power in my own state AND also manage a group of puppet-led, racist fucktards frantically defending whatever's left of their "loose coalition".

What the hell?
All I wanted was a nice birthday party..... and maybe a karaoke session too.

Anyway, those losers pretending to be Liverpool "players" lost again, this time in the FA Cup. It made all my efforts to stay awake at bloody 4 am so utterly useless and a complete waste of time.

The only thing that made me feel better was this brilliant Metal-infested minute-by-minute match report.

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Zarin said...

hahaha... that match commentary must be one of the most hilarious i've read compared to BBC's.
Arsenalitis? cackling maniacally? hahaha.