If you've ever been up and down the North South Highway, you've surely seen a few Bosch billboards along the way. And to me, the intent of having a huge cordless drill ad on the side of the road is quite puzzling.

Who were the people Bosch targetting with this billboard campaign?

I mean, sure, of the millions that use the highway, there must be a certain percentage of people who, upon seeing the billboard, go - "Hmm, a cordless drill.... that's exactly what I want. I'll get a Bosch then". 

But really, the probability would be something around one in a million. 

Malaysians aren't DIY people. Drills, hammers or saws are not even on of the average citizen's shopping list.

Wouldn't a billboard ad (which I presume would cost a lot) be more effective in promoting something that is more appealing to the public. Say, mobile phones, fast food or cars?

I just think spending a lot of money for drill billboard ads to an indifferent market is a waste of money.

Then again, I don't work for Bosch..... so what the hell do I know.

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Anonymous said...

Iklan Bosch featuring Keewee ke?