Anal people annoy me. Especially when they're being pedantic and sceptical over good, honest causes.

On the boycott of Israeli and American products - they say "Oh, so let's see how we survive without Microsoft, how about the local Coca-Cola workers, everything we use in our daily life is somehow linked to the US".

On the "Buy Malaysian" campaign - they say "How do we REALLY classify a product local?, local products need to compete with imported goods to maintain quality"

Sure, these are relevant and valid queries, but the imperious manner in which they were raised makes me feel like slapping these assfucks real hard.

If you don't want to support these causes then just straight up say "I'm not supporting all this" rather than taking a coward's stand - pretending to view the issue from a "practical" point of view, trying to give the impression that you care but it would be "difficult to achieve". 


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