I hate people who use "revert" when they mean "reply". 

Bangla dudes walking at KLCC - holding hands! 
What the hell? My wife says that they're very affectionate towards each other. 
Gay immigrants.

Sifu dan Tongga.
Need I say more?

I hate people who post comments on blogs criticising people who boycott American/Israeli products and say boycotting is bad for the economy.
Suddenly they care about Coke factory workers? 
Idiots, pussies.

People whose Facebook status read:

7.30am - Wake Up
7.40 am - Breakfast
8.00 am - At Work
8.30 am - Busy at Work
9.00 am - Working hard
1.00 pm - Lunch
4.45 pm - Can't wait to go home
5.00 pm - Going home
7.00 pm - At home, having dinner
9.00 pm - Watching CSI

Get a life.


Lady Sophia said...

Totally with ya, 100%. The gay immigrant? Well, Missus might be right though. It's an Indian-Paki-Bangla thing. Try watch Russell Peter's Red, White and Brown gig.

todek said...

Somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad!

The Missus is always right. End of. Haha.

Lady Sophia said...

He didn't use that punchline much in that gig. He got a few new ones that I like - "take it, and go" and "when you mow your lawn, the yard looks bigger".

Brilliant :-)