Which is the best buy?

Let's say I decide to buy a new car. And I'm only going to use it for city driving, around KL mostly. There are 3 models that I'm considering, and I need some advice on which one would be the best. So, between Savvy, Myvi & Kelisa which would you recommend?

How do you rate each car in terms of:
1. Performance
2. Looks
3. Price
4. Handling
5. Fuel Efficiency
6. Which one is the most fun to drive?

and anything else you can think of.
Any good/bad experience with any of the models?


alfaizal said...

Its a toss up between Myvi and Savvy cos they're newer models, more refined and better built.
If you want space, Myvi.
If want fun to drive, Savvy.
And its got 'selespeed'. Haha. Love the R3 bodykit.
Go for a test drive la. Call aku.

ciki engineeR said...

no to kelisa.i think kelisa sempit and dah agak basi now.

ive had a look on savvy mase i was looking for my own ride. my verdict

1. the rear is uglyy, sbb the exhaust is in the middle,
2. the passenger windows is weird? because it's small (but then maybe my HUET nigthmare with small mock chopper windows contribute to that back then)
3.the interior -dashboard n others, the design tak menarik
4.in terms of size,effective utk menyelit2 di jalanraya

as for myvi,
1.if you're looking for a spacious car,it's the one.

2.long distance travelling, the fuel consumption is not bad.since im paying as much fuel as my friend driving kancil, even if im like sooo selalu driving for no reason.i think if u go on manual, lagi save la kot since im driving auto.

3.the pickup for auto myvi, ain't that bad, that's a guy friend comment la.

4.but a tall friend once comment, rase tak bes sgt driving myvi esp manual because the gear and handbrake mcm a bit lowered. but this depends la, for me ok je.

5. go for black myvi, i think its sexy.huahaha

in terms of harga, savvy's cheaper.so lower monthly cost. also, lagi satu,from many ppl, they prefer perodua cars as their reputation is better than proton's yg always have problems here n there after a while.

hope it helps a bit. but go n test drive la. then u can tell better which u like

todek said...

Thanks for sharing your real life experience on the Myvi.
But really, its still a hard choice, eh? Heart says go for the "selespeed" but mind says Perodua would be more reliable.

And which has the nicer colour?

anas said...

my 2 cents: Kelisa Special Edition

1. Performance - good for a 1.0 car
2. Looks - with the SE bodykits, yummy for me.
3. Price - 36+K for the full spec manual.
4. Handling - OEM suspension too soft. upgraded mine.
5. Fuel Efficiency - full tank RM55 can go for 450km. highway driving: balik kelantan full tank tak payah refill.
6. Which one is the most fun to drive? - definitely fun to drive a kelisa.

some say savvy is better, yes true but spare part mahal mampos.

Ladydin said...

I saw the Naza 206 on the road yesterday. Thought the bum was alluring. If you're sporty enough, why not check it out...

pyanski said...

why not wait the proton-VW tie up if you were to get a proton? then it'll be like Skoda or Seat - poor man's VW.

i have a feeling that the deal will go through soon, but like it matters heh.

so you are not considering used car at all? i just bought a 95 mazda astina (the one with popup lights) for rm14.5k only, and forked out another ~4k for replacing parts/pimping. the rest of the money can go into property investment.

alfaizal said...

wah pyan astina!Used to like the looks. Tak lama lagi rosak la pop up lights tu..haha.
I think Proton's improved on their quality control for Savvy.

anas said...

yaaa...Savvy, TUV certified!

dazed said...

All the savvy colours are crap!! Well, with the exception of metallic limey-ish green, but that's not really the macho-est of colours is it?

I really like the pearl white myvi, tho I could never own one, since am the most rajin-nest car washer in the world. Heh. The black, silver and maroon are nice too.

Am insanely in love with the orange and maroon satria neo. How come neo's not on the list?

And that's my 2 cents ( since am only qualified to give comments on aesthetics).

todek said...

Hmm.. now that you've mentioned it, I've actually got to thinking why DIDN'T I consider the Neo at all?

I guess it'll have to be the 1.3 version, the variant that fits my budget.

I actually quite fancy the Neo. It looks good. But 1.3? Should I even bother?

todek said...

I used to love the 206, and at one point even dreamt of buying one, but somehow desire of owning a 206 (Peugeot or not) just suddenly died

So no, not a 206.

farock said...

you make pots of money, pay no rent, surely you could afford some other flashier cars. unless you go with the high end variants, dont bother with neo. been in one and it screams P-L-A-S-T-I-C. personally i'd wait for the vios facelift. looks wicked. dunno if the engine makes a glorious growl though.

any thoughts on your beloved merseyside redskins.. er liverpool takeover?

todek said...

I should really write this in a separate post, but my Internet connection is so fucked I can't access the blogger main page, so I guess I'll put it here.

Firstly, I don't really make "pots of money". And I have to pay for my house. That significantly cuts the budget for the car.

I surprisingly am indifferent about the whole American takeover of my beloved Scouse club. Maybe it's because I'm just ignorant. It probably won't make any difference to fans thousand miles away, but I'm sure the hard core Scousers are not too happy with any takeovers, much less coming from Americans.

dazed said...

How does it feel to be a proper adult then? At the moment I can barely afford my car (and my plastic shopping facilitators), let alone be in a position to pay for a house. Heh.

So, any enlightenment on the automobilistic front?

todek said...

No updates on the automobilistic front. Not yet.
Hey, did you go Kamal's kenduri kahwin by the way?

dazed said...

Nope..tak pegi Kamal's wedding in the end. Had to go to Kemaman the day after for work. I actually messaged you masa kat kemaman..but it got eaten or undelivered or something. I guess you were already in the sea. Just curious, do you get to watch telly over there? (Hey, it's a valid and not at all stupid question ok?)

adi said...

oi todeq,

beli je getz 1.3 3 doors tgh on sale now since they want to finish up the cbu units. At 45 K, it's a great car!

By the way, getz 1.4 pun quite good! A proud owner of it until I can afford a grander one...

todek said...

Adi - Nak promote Getz pulak! 45K sounds reasonable, but really, how much better is it compared to the Protons & Peroduas?

Anonymous said...

not mark prindle or george starostin