It seemed like a good idea

The new reality TV series on Astro - Raja Lawak is a bad, bad idea. Horrendous.
I have a few issues with this show. As always.

Firstly, stand-up comedy in Malay is nearly impossible to pull off. I don't know why, but it just can't be done. I've seen enough of the show to know that the stand up that they (Raja Lawak hopefuls) do aren't funny at all, in fact it comes across as stupid and annoying. It's that bad. So there goes the hopes of unearthing the next Seinfeld Melayu.

Secondly, how exactly do you train a comedian? Do they coach them to make jokes? Or teach them how to be funny?

Thirdly, what the hell are the judges doing? Why even have judges in the first place? Dah la judge pun bukannye kelakar sangat.

To be a successful Malay comedian, you just need to know how to make funny sounds or voices (ala Lan Pet Pet or Jamali Shadat), be a spaz (like everyone else) or do slapstick shit. That's all.
Don't even bother writing a stand up monologue.


Ladydin said...

To even think they named it 'Raja Lawak' is terrible enough. To see 'talents' of the kind is worst, because they looked like they tried too hard. I thought being comedian is supposed to be a gift, a character you just have, not trained like some kinda technical skill. and unless you have really good sense of humor and a natural talent to make people laugh, dont even bother doing a standup. I saw the flick of the show, and was turned off by some people doing some bizarre prop-filled episode. huh? are Malaysians trying to be funny, do u think? So far, only Afdlin Shauki can make me laugh, and he's not even Malaysian (right?).

afterburner73 said...

Fools in Raja Lawak Astro. I think all participants got the wrong message. They thought it would be a slapstick comedy competition. Which explains why most of them look really stupid on stage. Memang le - jangan harap nak jadi macam Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock or Conan O'Brien. Bodoh! Typical Malaysian.

todek said...

Problem is, you just can't do stand up in Malay. It won't work. Apparently you can't make people laugh without acting like an idiot.