Buy a Vowel

I have a T-shirt. It says:

G_ F_ck Y_ _rself
Want to buy a vowel?

I rarely wear this shirt, as every time I contemplate doing so, my conscience kicks in and spoils all the fun.


dazed said...

Can I borrow it then?
I wanna wear it to the office. Should be fun, no?

Anyways, how did you know it was me?
Did my sooper seekrit mysterious person disguise not work? (shock! horror!)

Ladydin said...

seriously? where can i get one? id like to wear it to this unavoidable party next week...

todek said...

I got this in Gold Coast, but I'm sure its also available at one of those cheeky T-shirt selling stalls in your local pasar malam.

You won't make many friends at the party though.

Ladydin said...

sadly, my local pasar malam is regularly monitored by the local authority, so only honest serious business there. got one Rock Shop here, but no 'f***' shirt. i wasnt planning on making friends or enemies at the party, just to be left alone. thats always a hard thing to do and i dont know why...