And oh, I've just realised that my post "Lyrics" is a bit ironic.
10 bucks (or coffee) to the first person who can tell me why.
You need to be a bit clever to know this.


pyanski said...

Missy Higgins - "Don't Ever".

For rm10, I'd rather go for a square meal at any kedai mamak rather than drinking frappucino at starbucks. Let me know when you're in KL, maybe not a bad idea to chill out after all.

maybe can ajak shaw also. lama tak borak lama2

todek said...

In KL right now, in fact. Until Monday only though. Yeah, lepak sounds good. Boleh ajak the usual homies - shaw & farock sekali.

And you're right.

It's fairly obvious isn't it?

todek said...

So.. is everyone back for the weekend? Jom lepak mamak.

I am bored.

pyanski said...

yeah i be home, going to pick up my new ride (95 astina). but sabtu malam ahad ada wedding (not mine, of course). shaw/farock/other people - ada free ka weekend ni?

todek said...

Asyik tukar ride je, bro. Kaya betul. Haha.

Anyways, come by uptown esok malam if you can, there'll be a few of us lepak sana kot. Call la to be sure.

Ladydin said...

Hmm... i only saw one comment, mine. But dont worry about it, i used to wonder the same thing about people over-using the lyric-entry until i resorted to doing the same thing. :-) but i cant tell u why, other than 'it had its moment'. :-)