Funny - but I don't know why

I attended a safety / health briefing recently. This particular session focused on choking, and how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre. Standing in front was our Medic, enthusiastically explaining the details of how to save a choke victim to a crowd made of a mix of the young & old; with varying degrees of working (and life) experience between them. And invariably, there'll always be a few cheeky geezers among the 30-odd crowd.

After the Medic had explained in theory how to perform the Heimlich, he then demonstrated the proper methods on a volunteer picked from the audience.

Medic : Approach the choke victim from behind, and quickly wrap your arms around his belly. Interlock your fingers, and start pulling upwards. Make sure you tarik kuat-kuat, so that whatever's choking the person would be dislodged. Sounds simple, but you kena ensure that tarik tu mesti mau kuat. Mungkin kena try 2-3 kali baru kita dapat keluarkan benda dari tekak dia.

Cheeky Geezer (50++ years old) : Kalau victim tu perempuan? (Grinning)

Medic : (Realising that cheeky geezer is taking the piss) Kalau perempuan, sama saja. Tapi kena jaga-jaga sikit la kot, especially masa nak tarik tu. Of course, there might be some "accidental" brushing against the chest, tapi nak buat macam mana kan? Haha. Nak selamatkan orang, terpaksa la..

At this point, everyone starts to laugh.

Medic : Any more questions?

Cheeky Geezer (in a serious tone) : Kalau Benggali macam mana pulak?

Medic : (BLANK)

I found the whole scene utterly hilarious. I was laughing out loud.
Maybe its the word Benggali or maybe its the absurdity of the question, I don't really know what made it funny.


faruqy said...

WTF??? I don't get his 2nd question..

todek said...

I don't get it either.
I'm sure it sounded funny at the time.
I think it's one of those "you had to be there" situations.
Or maybe I'm a horrible horrible story teller.