Kunci Khazanah

Have you ever watched the TV show Kunci Khazanah? Surely you must have. It's the best damn TV show on Earth.

Its a weekly general knowledge game show where each of the three contestants is required to answer all 10 questions given to them within 2 minutes, while at the same time raking up cash with each correct answer. The loser with the least amount of money gets kicked out. Simple. And these three contestants can "buy" answers from a choice of three "agents" by offering them some money. These "agents" seem to be arbitrarily chosen, so you wouldn't really know if they're really smart or stupid at all.
Hmm.. why am I explaining all this? I'm sure you've seen the show and you know this already.

Anyways, I like the show because its un-intentionally funny.


Host : Baiklah, kita mulakan pusingan kedua sekarang. Mat, sila jawab semua soalan dalam masa 2 minit.

Mat : (Blank)

Host : Siapakah pemenang Miss World 2005?

Mat : (Without hesitation) Aishwarya Rai

Host : Betul! Soalan seterusnya, siapakah manusia pertama mendarat di bulan?

Mat : (Blank)

Now, this is funny because the bloke knew who won Miss bloody World but not the first man on the moon. This is as mystifying as it is disturbing to me. I would think the first man on the moon would probably be a bit more important than any beauty queen winner, any time.

But it doesn't stop there, my friends.

Host : Boleh minta bantuan agent jika perlu.

Mat : (Blank)

Host : Agent?

Mat : (Blank)

Agent 1 : Mat, 20 Mat. Confirm betul.

Agent 2 : Mat, 10 Mat. Confirm betul.

Agent 3 : Mat, 10 Mat. Confirm betul.

Host : Siapakah manusia pertama mendarat di bulan?

Mat : (Blank) Hmm... Ok Agent no 3.

Agent 3 : (Confidently) LANCE ARMSTRONG!!


anas said...

hahaha, lawak sial...but at least he got the 'armstrong' part right...

FaruqY said...

haha si azhar sulaiman terguling-guling gelak tak?

Zack said...

Bang, bila kau dah kat atas stage tu, anything can happen, man.

en_me said...

me tengok tengok jer..