When I was Young-er

Sometimes I think reflect on the things I did when I was younger. And most of the stuff I did back then were quite silly and stupid, even. Thinking about this brings up a smile to my face, every time.

I used to follow wrestling fanatically. I can name you every single wrestler on the WWF roster, and that's probably more than 50 names. Pretty impressive I must say, albeit in a pathetic loser kind of way.
I was so obsessed that I even surfed wrestling websites, reading upcoming storylines, "results" and most excitingly, heel & face turns.
Of course, if you're not familiar with wrestling at all, you wouldn't have a clue what a heel or face turn is. Google or Wiki it up. It's for your own knowledge.
I don't enjoy wrestling as much today. Maybe I've grown out of it, or maybe it became too bloody stupid, I don't know. But once in a while, my brother would switch the channel to Monday Night Raw, and I'll start watching too and this brings back all the fond memories of my wrestling fanatic days. It's good to reflect on old times, don't you think?

And on another note, I'm completely (and ridiculously) smitten over a girl, it's stupid. You know, the kind where you just can't wipe the huge fucking grin off your face. Sure, it's cute when you're twelve, but at 25, it's a bit pathetic, isn't it?


pyanski said...

when i was in US i had a friend who actually paid for a pay-per-view wrestling match. now that's stupid. i mean, layan kat TV is ok for the fun of it. tengok live dkt stadium is also kinda acceptable, for the live experience. but a PPV WWE match, man, that's a pathetic way to spend your money.

Ladydin said...

i'd say, it's what being infatuated is all about, whether ur 12, 18, 25, or 30... you cant wipe that look. u just learn to handle it better, if at all. nobody can ever get this man-woman relationship thing, it's a mysterious secret even King Solomon cant solve. but i bet that in spite of the silly look, you're feeling pretty good about urself!

Anonymous said...

if you really like her why didn't u tell her??

Anonymous said...

that is assuming u havent told her already...

alfaizal said...

Bro whos the girl?
Tell me la.

todek said...

Ah, you guys are reading too much into this. I'm not leading you on, am I?

Actually, I contemplated on giving this explanation: It's complicated.

But anyone who knows me well enough would see right through this and straight away recognise that its bullshit. And it is really. Yeah, its probably bullshit. It's not complicated at all, it's just that I like to make things appear difficult.

Truth is, I'm such an easily smitten bugger, and I'll immediately be infatuated by anyone that even slightly fits my definition of "cute".

And oh, "if you like her why didn't u tell her?".. wow, that's original.