Sunday is for CBT

It's Sunday, and its the only day of the week that I buy NST. Because it has a great pull-out section that is Cars, Bikes, Trucks (CBT). I love it.

Today's edition is a bit bizzare though. Bizzarely funny.

In the Q&A section with Paul David, there's this bloke (I presume), who wrote in asking the most ridiculuosly illogical, what-the-fuck, highly unlikely scenario I've ever read. And I'm sure this guy is taking the piss out of Mr. david because no one, and I mean no one, would EVER be in a situation that this bloke apparently was in.

In summary, this is what the bloke experienced:

1. Install a tachometer and solve transmission problems.
2. Wira revving up to 10,000 rpm. Followed by the straight faced question of "Is there anything I should be worried about when revving up so high?"
3. Is it illegal to remove the front number plate?

I liked what Mr. David wrote in reply. I'm sure he was dead serious, but it came off as funny to me. I like things that are un-intentionally funny.
And David's first sentence in reply to the bloke's problems was this:

Firstly, how do you get 10,000 rpm from a Wira?

I can just imagine the confused face of the poor old man, struggling to comprehend how a Proton Wira can rev up to 10,000 rpm. Hilarious!

On another note, I hate some of these NST reporters who write their car reviews in EXACTLY the same manner, tone, and use the same words as Clarkson does. I mean, it's funny, sarcastic, entertaining and all, but I just can't help feeling that I've read this before. Come on dude, have your own style.


alfaizal said...

CBT is the highlight of my week.
Especially 'Car-o-scope' which reviews 2nd hand cars..my passion..hehe.
And JC's columns.
The issues and solutions raised by the editor are also good.

ciki engineeR said...

my very unrelated comment :

the Nokia ad song u were looking for in previous entry is Digital Love by Daft Funk. finally found it after weeks trying to catch and remember the lyrics so i can google it which i think kinda pathethic!ha ha.

u can try dl it at http://www.emp3world.com/to_download.php?id=43586

todek said...

I had a feeling it might be Daft Punk, with the synthesizer-ish vocals and all.

I'll download it today.