Season Review

First off, I'm praying that they find the missing pilot off the shore of Kerteh. This is really scary.

Secondly, I think it's not too late for my own personal review of the 2006 F1 Season, which I thought provided so much entertainment and thrills throughout the year.
It's all off the top of my head, so if I screw up the details, please correct me.

Best Driver - M Schumacher. Excellent in the 2nd half of the season, in races where lesser mortals would have no chance of even competing, Micheal repeatedly proved his masterclass by coming back from the dead to score valuable points. And often the comebacks are from way back on the grid. He may be unlikeable, but in terms of pure driving, he's genius.

Best Team - Renault (maybe). Had a great car early on, that was until the mass damper thing was removed. Only screw up when Alonso had a wheel nut/suspension (?) failure in ????. That's as far as I can remember. Apart from that, they had a competitive and more importantly, reliable car, though towards the end of the season, Ferrari stepped up a gear and gave them a run for their money.

Most Disappointing - Kimi & McLaren. How many finishes did Kimi/McLaren have? No wins, as I recall. A few podiums kot. Good luck with Ferrari next year Kimi. And hope Alonso would give something extra to McLaren.

Most Promising - Without a doubt, Robert Kubica. Awesomely quick in his debut, under difficult conditions (Hungary in the rain). Improved rapidly with each race, and towards the end of the season came really really close to beating team mate Heidfeld. This lad is a star. I'd be worried if I were Heidfeld.

Best Race - There's a few to choose from, but the one that really sticks in my head is once again, Hungary. Normally a boring race, this year it was full of drama and events, none bigger than Jenson Button winning his first ever race. It rained heavily, visibility was poor, a lot of crashes, unlucky Kubica disqualified after finishing 7th (?), it had everything.

Moment of the Season - Micheal's Ferrari breaking down at Suzuka. Schumacher who was leading the race, suffered a major letdown when his Ferrari had a failure (engine ?) soon after his pit stop, leaving Alonso to take over the lead, and eventually win the race. This ended any realistic hope of Micheal winning the World Championship, thus ending the dream of a potentially fantastic, magical comeback.

That's all I can think of. Anything to suggest/add? Please put it under comments. Thank you.
And please pray for the pilot.


Ladydin said...

*sniff* They found the pilot's body, still strapped to his seat, God rest his soul. And to think that his passengers all survived, except him ... miracle?

The saddest news this past few days.. the Mongolian model who was blasted to bits. She had a 16 mths old baby... Gawd, how can anybody be so heartless and selfish? why cant they settle their differences the old fashioned way instead of furthermore calling attention to themselves? what has the world come into...

farock said...

is this the same chopper service you take to work? scary thought that is.

the mongolian model. what can i say. its just another contingency plan to cover up the tracks of scums running wild in this country. not unlike what happened to the high class escort some time ago. apparently if youre somebody you can hire the police to do your contract killing for you. handy.

another moment of the f1 season. what about the race (forgot which one) where renault completely stuffed up and alonso was left running on the wrong set of fronts. that win put schumi right back on the title race.

not to take anything from the great man but i think schumi's achievement is more a case of good timing than anything else. he's blessed to be one of the true greats in a generation of mediocre talents. so far only hakkinen truly gave him a run for his money. yeah he's a masterclass and all that but i wonder how he'd fare if he had his career in the 80s alongside prost senna nigel mansell gerhard berger etc.

todek said...

Yes, it's the same chopper service. But I've overcome the fear of flying already.
The Mongolian model? Definitely cover up for some dodgy stuff Baginda did.

Ladydin said...

im beginning to think perhaps the wife has something to do with it... err....... sounds very much like that Harrison Ford movie.