I'm back

Hey people. I am back. Been missing for a couple of weeks, I know. But work is really hectic the past 14 days, and only on my last day at work, I've had the chance to relax a little.

I finally bought a book. Well, actually I bought three. And I've managed to finish reading one. I'll write about that in another post.

Liverpool are getting crappier each week. Benitez is a decent man and all, but dude, your bullshit excuses has to stop!
And you know what else is bullshit? Persidangan Umno.

Anyways I'm off to Perth, Australia next week! Getting myself some summer sun.

Have a nice week ahead, and I'll update this site soon.


alfaizal said...

Kau pegi Perth??!!
What for??

todek said...

What for??
Kan aku dah cakap, get some summer sun, bro!!
Plus my pet kangaroos need feeding.
Now am browsing for a place to stay.