I've just realised that this site is actually more popular than it seems. And I've got secret admirers! I guess that's very flattering.
Thanks anyways for visiting. Come by often. Drop a comment or two.
But make sure its signed off as anonymous. If not, it's no fun for me. I like to guess.

P/s: This is in no way a sarcastic post. I'm honestly thanking people here. I just can't help it if it comes off as slightly cynical. Its just the way I write.


Ladydin said...

im not sure what category i am now... im hardly anon. hehe. but i guess u got a good thing going on here, by just being honest... thats why some people come back... but hey, enjoy ur trip!!!

todek said...

Ladydin: Thanks for the nice words. You're definitely one of the regular-est visitor to this site!!