I Swear!

I have a tendency to swear a lot. I do my swearing usually within the presence of my buddies, very rarely towards strangers (unless I'm cursing at them) and as far as I can remember, never with my parents or elderly relatives.
With my friends, the favourite swear words are the usual -
fuck, shit & asshole. That's in English. Malay - pukimak, cibai, babi etc. You get the point. Occasionally, I'd vary the swearing by adding wanker somewhere in between our friendly banter. Example: KJ is a fucking wanker, yeah? And slowly, but surely, wanker has become an accepted and well used swear within our group. But of course cursing a Mat Rempit using wanker serves no purpose, as I am absolutely sure they don't know the meaning of the word. And it's not like they'll go home and look it up in a dictionary.

But swear words are only good if people accept & use them.
I've been trying to introduce and encourage even the use of cunt in our swearing. I'd slide in cunt in everything I say during our usual borak borak sessions, in the hope that my mates would catch on. But unfortunately, they just stared at me with blank faces, and then, with an expression of total annoyance, said "What's up with all the cunts?"
I took that as a sign of disapproval of the use of the word, maybe it's too harsh or too I dunno, vulgar (?). And after that, I reduced my usage of cunt. It goes to prove that, without peer endorsement, a swear word is useless.

I still harbour the hope that someday the word would gain a more widespread use in our society. However ridiculous that sounds.

Anyways, the thing that annoys me is that in the new Martin Scorsese movie - The Departed, as shown in our cinemas, they censor all fucks but not cunt. Is it because the censors think cunt is a lesser swear word than fuck OR more more worryingly, they don't know what it means?

OK. Have a nice weekend. Don't swear too much. It's bad.

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