Judge by Cover

They say - Don't judge a book by its cover. But doing this - literally, is difficult, isn't it? I mean, I have a difficult time in choosing what book to buy, and it's a million times harder if you can't even browse through the book because it's been nicely plastic shrink wrapped.
And the only thing you can see is the front & back cover, plus the spine.
So, if you have nothing specific to look for in a bookstore, and you just want to "look around & get yourself a decent book", it WILL be hard not to choose based on what's printed on the front & back.
Therefore, you need to judge a book by its cover.
And for sure, I'd be more inclined to buy a book that has a nicely designed cover and more importantly, if there's lots of endorsement-praise-quote things printed all over. OR, it's been shortlisted for an award or better still, it actually won one.

So anyways, I'm still looking around for a nice book to read for the next few days. Any suggestions?
Fiction only. And no Tom Clancy military bullshit, ok? Or Dan Brown.


FaruqY said...

Have you ever read any of Mitch Albom's books? They're fab. And try out any of Sophie Kinsella books. Great read, I tell you. I have the complete set! Haha.

alfaizal said...

I've never bought books by its cover.
But I once bought a music album by its cover.
It was Radiohead's The Bends, and it was my first taste of Radiohead.
And boy what great album it is.

todek said...

Seen Albom's book all over the place, but for some reason didn't feel like reading them. Maybe because I have the impression that they're all to Hallmark-ish. Whatever that means.
Speaking of Albom, heard the news about the NST editor plagiarising an article of Albom's?

FaruqY said...

hehe yupp I read it at 'The Malay Male'

Anonymous said...

try la david baldacci .. best gak..

pyanski said...

i dig books about alternative views on everyday matters. among others i have bought this year are 'Freakonomics' and 'Why do men have nipples?'. catchy titles, good substance

ciki engineeR said...

i would recommend Freakonomics too. The Undercover Economist is also another title under the same theme.

anyway if u haven't got The Dilbert Principle,go get it ,it's a gem.

todek said...

Pyan: Did you buy those books judging by its cover? 'Cause I would've. A catchy title makes all the difference.

Ciki: Whoa, a Dilbert fan eh? Well, I am a massive Dilbert/Adams fan myself, and as a matter of fact, I do have The Dilbert Principle AND also The Way of the Weasel. Absolutely hilarious, and as you rightly say, it's a gem

pyanski said...

honestly yeah, but these two are among those which are actually good so i was lucky in that sense.

one example of a book not worthy of a catchy title is 'Seinfeld and Philosophy: A book about everything and nothing'. it was such a let down. and i paid about USD18 for it at borders.