I had the chance to enjoy a very special Raya offering on Astro last night - a Malay movie entitled "Gangster". Whoa, sounds very scary, innit?
The movie stars Rosyam Nor (but of course, who else). I read somewhere in the papers that En. Rosyam Nor apparently was on every bloody channel this Raya, playing such diverse roles of a gang leader, ungrateful son, abused father & many more. Okay, I made the diverse character bit up, but still... he was on every damn channel. Respect man. Dude's a SUPERSTAR.
But back to GANG-STER... It seemed that the movie had a very disjointed storyline and had 3 sub-plots without having a main cerita. En Rosyam Nor however plays 3 characters in each of the sub plots, the most ridiculous being the super tough, blond bearded, leather jacket wearing, deep voice mumbling ultimate evil villian. He's supposed to be scary, but come on, leather jackets - in KL? The blond hair & beard weren't that intimidating either, he looked more like a funfair clown than anything else. It's not En. Rosyam Nor's fault though. Blame it on make up.
Anyways, GANG-Ster (like Friend-Ster) revolves around the healthy lifestyle of street racing & making new friends through casual chit chat at a night club bar. AKO is supposed to be the clean cut gambling street racer (probably an oxymoron), the Malay version of Paul Walker in the Fast & Furious movies, and to his credit he does it very well. He wears a nice Ferarri shirt while racing his Evo. Not that it means anything. I'm just mentioning this for no reason.
One thing that pisses me off in the Malay production GANGS-TER, is the fact that people order mineral water & Coke at the bar. Fuck that. It's a fucking bar, dammit. And I'm sure as hell that someone high on E won't be ordering mineral water. Coke, maybe... but still un-realistic. I'd like for once, to see in a Malay movie, someone come up to the bar and order good old BEER. That'll be cool.
The movie G-ANGST-ER had one more sub-plot with En Rosyam Nor, which I thought was the better of the rest. Because it didn't involve any scenes anywhere near a club.
At the end of the day, I have to admit (embarassingly) that I enjoyed the movie Gangster. Maybe its the Raya mood still, or whatever. I had ZERO expectations watching the movie, so that probably helped a bit. It's decent. But nothing more. The car race scenes were quite good though.
Go & Watch this movie.


Ladydin said...

u enjoyed it? good for u. i didnt go as far as seeing it was rosyam nor emerging from somewhere (maybe bathroom or bedroom) with his sticking up blond hair and bulging eyes, with the sunglass on top, and half-naked. er... i thought it didnt do anything to my insides (not like it used to with Rosyam) so i skipped. besides, i was changing the channel while watching Judging Amy thru commercials. haha...

But hey, i thought 'Labuna Labuni' was hilarious though, good acting skills they're almost natural in that comical state.

pyanski said...

astro has killed off the fun and excitement of watching malay movies on raya days. new malay movies are coming too easily to the TV, some are barely few months old, so raya or no raya there's not really much anticipation of 'eh tahun ni cerita apa eh malam raya' like the old days.

they should have had a marathon of good malay movies of the 80's and 90's like the esok trilogy (jins shamsuddin) or adik manja or bukit kepong or mekanik or mr os or tuah etc. i'd sit in front of the TV all day long..

todek said...

I just cannot watch any "Esok" movies - they're too sad. Sedih gila babi.