Whatever happened to..?

Whatever happened to Anthony Le Tallec?? Once rated as the one of the most promising talent in the world, Le Tallec nowadays can only find himself rotting in the Liverpool reserves.Which is sad because I had high hopes on Tony Le T. And probably, so did the bloke I saw wearing a Liverpool shirt with Le Tallec printed on the back.

Mind you, I saw this bloke a couple of years back at the mamak during a Liverpool game, in the Houllier era. That was the time when Le Tallec was expected to provide some magical touches to our forward line. It's always fascinating how fans eagerly anticipate and have impossibly
high expectations whenever someone with considerable talent and a certain reputation joins their club. These expectations would escalate to an even higher degree if the player is young, and in this case poor 'ol Tony Le T was only about 17 - 18 when he joined the Reds. He played a couple of games, scored maybe a few goals, showed flashes of brilliance but never played in the playmaker/Sheringham role which I've always imagined he'd play. And then it all went downhill. Fast. He's still around, but I doubt he'll ever realise his potential anytime soon. Yet another talent wasted.

Tony Le T, enigma with a ridiculous hairstyle to boot!

I wonder whatever happened to the bloke's shirt? Is he still wearing it to the mamak when there's a Liverpool game?

And... on another totally different note, I wonder what ever happened to mIRC? Is anyone still using it? I remember those days where I killed my time at night chatting with random people using mIRC. Phrases like a/s/l were the common language. Haha. I smile everytime I remember those days.

Remember this?

And just for fun, I tried using Yahoo Chat last night, which is probably the closest to mIRC these days. I'm sure someone out there still uses mIRC but I didn't have the program on my laptop, and I couldn't be bothered to download it so I figured Yahoo Chat should be an able replacement. And I tried chatting with random people, and they still use a/s/l !!! But I'm surprised at how many scam sex webcam messages I get within minutes of logging on to the chatroom. I guess chatting days are gone, people are all for websex or something.

Ahh, I miss the old days.


FaruqY said...

I actually thought that Tony Le T was going to be given a lot more playing time by Rafa last season, seeing as how he struck a good understanding with Cisse in pre-season.. Instead he was shipped out on loan to struggling Sunderland, where he wasb't able to shine..

I guess Rafa just does not like Le Tallec's style of play.. A shame, really

Ladydin said...

i remember in those days when attempted to chat in yahoo chat, if i get more than 3 ppl asking my a/s/l as a first phrase, id log out and wont attempt again until a few other days. It was really annoying. Couldnt they be more original wit the pickup lines?

pyanski said...

potential is overrated. Hence, for every Wayne Rooney there'll be a Tony Le T, for every Kobe Bryant there'll be a Ndudi Ebi (betcha have no clue who this guy is, a high-school-to-NBA bust stupidly selected by Timberwolves in draft'03), and for every Zainal Abidin Hassan there'll be an Akmal Rizal. Zainal start main national team when he was 17 woo, and kept himself fit enough to be around in the M-League until the age of 34. Pretty remarkable.

todek said...

pyanski: Akmal Rizal ok ape, if only he kept his tummy slim. But hey, Gascoigne & Le Tessier were a bit chubby what... haha

Ladydin: Pickup lines RARELY work. And a/s/l will definitely not work as a pickup line, but log out and then log in only after a few days? You must be really annoyed, my friend.

Ladydin said...

Annoyed is an understatement. I swore off chat years already now. It has lost its appeal, or maybe, I have grown up. Haha.