Selamat menyambut Hari Kebangsaan. Merdeka!

I don't get fireworks. I mean I don't get excited or go "Ooohh Ahhh..." whenever fireworks go off. Even during Merdeka night. Even last night. To me, a fireworks show is usually boring. It's always too long. Why can't they make one firework that'll cover the entire 10 minute show? That'll be fun, and quick.
But one thing I noticed is that children are extremely fascinated by fireworks. Even if its the same pattern(?). They'll always sound enthusiastic and point out "Tengok tu, cantiknya... " every single time.


CawfeeGuy said...

they're loud. they're scary. They're terribly opressive. they're obnoxious. they're the holiday equivilant of GWB.

todek said...

Yes, they're scary!