Today, for me, was one of those rare days where you seem to bump into people that you know wherever you go.
I just can't seem to not see people that I know today. It's too good to be true. I met my ex-colleagues, transferred ex-housemates, long lost friends, my old boss & even my schoolfriends. All in one day! Wow. It felt really nice.

On another completely different note however, is this piece of observation:

If you manage to pick up a girl at a bar, she's probably a GRO.

And to tell you the truth, I'm intimidated by GROs, really. Sure, it sounds wussy and I'll get ridiculed as fuck if I admit this to my mates, but honestly, I find GROs scary and frightening(!). They always have too much make-up on, most likely to be drunk and/or high on drugs, slutty and horny. A combination of all, on several occasions, had made me feel uncomfortable. And I'm not too keen on being uncomfortable. It's not a good feeling.


Ladydin said...

haha... somebody shud tell the GROs not to overdo everything, from dressing to makeup to act horny. this is a first ive heard coming from a guy. HAHA. but if u wanna pick up girls, bars are never the place. in fact, if ur seriously attempting to pick up a future gf or possible mate, or just a good friend, go to the library, book or music outlets, jogging tracks, or recital concerts. Some no-nosense girls i know, observe these places.

todek said...

When it's surprisingly easy picking up girls, there must be something dodgy somewhere. Haha. But yeah, bars aren't exactly the place to meet people, really.

Maybe I should lepak at the library more often then, ;p.