You'd be surprised...

Kids nowadays are so damn Internet savvy, aren't they?

Last weekend, my neighbour had a joint birthday party for both of their children. And being good neighbours that we are, my family went next door to join in the celebrations. And to my surprise, I found the party to be quite extravagant, considering it was only to celebrate 8 & 11 year old's birthdays. They had a CLOWN to entertain the kids, made-to-order ais kacang, made-to-order char kuey teow, satay, spaghetti, cake, candy, sweets, lollies, balloons, party hats, bla bla bla (basically, there's lots of food). I remember the birthdays that I had as a child to be much much simpler. Just one bloody cake, some candles and that's it. No clowns doing magic tricks or dancing to Pussycat Dolls music.

Anyways, my cousins (or to be exact: My mother's cousin's daughters) were also invited to the party. Apparently, the neighbour's child is their classmate or something.

After the party, these cousins (12 year old girl and her 11, 9, 6 year old sisters) then came over to my house. And the next thing you know, they were already playing with my sister's laptop. I was a bit curious as to what these girls were doing so I went to have a look.

[Cousin A] buat apa tu?

Cousin A (12 y.o)
Kitorang tengah tengok MySpace page kawan.

You know about MySpace?

Cousin C (9 y.o)
Ye lah....

Me (Looking at the screen)
Sapa ni?

Cousin C
Kawan sekolah. Darjah 5. Adik Sharifah Amani. Rumah dia kat belakang tu je
(while pointing to the direction towards the back of my house)

Oh. Ok. You all ada MySpace profile sendiri jugak ke?

Cousin A
Ada lah. My classmates semua pun ada.

Cousin C (Talking to her sister)
Kakak, nanti taruk video party tadi kat YouTube okay??

Wow!! Bloody hell!!
MySpace and You-fucking-Tube???
Unbelievable. These kids are so advanced.
I didn't know about the Internet until I was about 15.
They'll probably have their own blog next.


FaruqY said...

haha kids these days...

btw, ko kat kl ke skrg todek?

todek said...

Kat KL for the past 2 weeks.
But esok dah start kerja balik. So I'll be gone for another 2 weeks pulak.

FaruqY said...

damn i was just planning a mini-reunion some time this week.. before friday though, because then i'm back to being the oh-so-devoted father and husband! haha

Ladydin said...

eh i tot MySpace IS equal to blogsite. hmm...

come to think of it, i only knew about blog 2 years ago. a year before that i discovered yahoo and googles and emails, and a year before that, i discovered internet! man... talk about digital divide. no wonder kids nowadays are not only 'online', they are also 'virus'-infected!

er... Sharifah Armani dok kat blkg rumah u ke? ;-)

todek said...

Well, yes apparently.
I didn't know until one day my sister pointed to me at the mamak stall "That's Aleya & her mum, Fatimah. They live kat lorong belakang belakang our house."

Ladydin said...

really? thats so cool! but maybe to u it's nothing. haha. well, if i see so-called celebraties anywhere, usually id just pretend not to see them, at the risk of me looking like a nitwit 'sakai' fan if i do.