Well, I’m back!

First off, I’d like to congratulate my friend Ayie for getting married a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the kenduri, bro.

Recently, I found myself being addicted to the show Rockstar. It’s kinda like American Idol (or any of its reality show singing talent rip-offs) but for people with tattoos. And piercings. And studded belts.

Sure, its cheesy. It has a dude named Gilby on it. GILBY, dammit! That sounds like a Sesame Street puppet, don’t you think? And it has blur-ish Tommy Lee too. Lee looks like a tough guy, with tattoos and all but really he’s quite funny and to an extent, innocent even. And I can’t explain in words how offended I feel every time I see Navarro wearing a sleeveless shirt. That’s so fucking gay.

But occasionally there’ll be a performance (or song) that is so awesome I couldn’t help but feel stoked. And I guess that’s why I like the show, despite all its obvious flaws.

I particularly liked the song “Starman”. The performance was so good that it prompted me to search for the original version by David Bowie. I was never a Bowie fan although he’s probably cool in a transsexual alien freak way. However, thanks to the miracle that is Rockstar, I have managed to get myself to partially tolerate Bowie. And that’s quite a musical achievement for me.

I’m back from work now, and I feel good. It’s nice to have a holiday after a long working period. Although actually it wasn’t that long after all. I took a few days off to attend a training course (the same course that made me miss the kenduri) in Kuantan, where we stayed in this really nice hotel by the beach. And apparently at the same time there was this polo tournament going on somewhere nearby, and all these polo players were staying in the same hotel.

I think polo is a nice sport. If you’re bloody rich, of course. And probably you’ll need some sort of royalty links as well to really fit in. It feels very old English-y but yet its super classy. It’s very much a gentlemen’s game. And the ladies accompanying these polo playing gentlemen are not too bad looking at all. In fact, I’d probably say that they’re hot.

So if you have blue blood, play polo. That’ll score big points with your royalty friends and definitely impress the ladies. For common folk like me, we’ll just stick to golf.


Ladydin said...

Maybe Navarro is gay, that wud really explain the breakup from Ms Elektra. Or is that the correct person? Hmm...

Golf? Golf?? Thats rich man's game. Id hike the mountain anytime.

todek said...

You mean Carmen Elektra? I don't know.
But what's up with Navarro always showing off his bare chest on TV every bloody week???

Mountain hiking? Sounds fun.