Wedding daze.

It's been wedding season all week long, folks. In fact for the past week alone I had 5 wedding reception/kenduri invitations, of which I attended only 2 out of the 5. I missed out on the rest due to various reasons (not excuses) which would sound a lot complicated if I even try to attempt to explain them. No, really.

By far, the best wedding reception I attended (and probably the best I've attended in my whole life) was last Saturday's ceremony in Concorde Shah Alam. I'd like to congratulate one of my close(r) friends, Maznee & her husband Azmi for their wedding. The reception itself was truly an awesome event but I won't go into details here. I think it's suffice to say that anything involving a live jazz band, (Datin) Normala Shamsudin & 5-storey cakes seems like a nice cocktail to me. Excellent.

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