You're Beautiful

I swear if I hear that song one more time, I'll kill myself.
Is it just me or this James Blunt bloke is getting really really annoying. To me, it's more close to "I wanna bash you up" kinda annoying, you know, the same exact feeling towards the idiot who constantly tailgates you.
What's this dude problem really? He goes on and on and on about his lost "love", writes very weak, pathetic, cliched songs and I kinda have a bit of an issue with his voice as well.
I guess what pisses me off the most that he potrays himself as this lonely loser guy but in reality he's dating super hot models. What the..? Is he faking the lonely broken hearted thing to get some chicks?
To borrow a line from the movie Lucky Number Slevin:
How do you justify being lonely and dating hot models?


Anonymous said...

yup..he's definitely annoying..you should hear the new one..goodbye ..something..even more annoying..huhu

Anonymous said...

Your entry 'It's Tuesday'.so dang funny..hehe..baru baca.